Thursday, June 30, 2011

Couch Potato Update!

Currently watching this!!!

Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

Aaah.. this definitely brings back memories. I think NTV7 aired this back in the late 90's or was it early millennium. Haha. Early millennium wtf. I love love love sitcoms if you can't tell already. I can sit through any comedies and enjoy every bit of it. Providing that it's good.

And hey, Ryan Reynolds is a plus. Ngahahaha.

I love how close girls and guys can be without having a romantic spark and just be all buddy buddy (Yes, Pete had feelings for Sharon in Season 2, but oh well, friendship trumples over love anyways.) Because I have lots of guy friends who I am comfortable with and I see them as brotherly figures as we joke and talk whenever we see each other.

Some say it's hard, nearly impossible to have guy friends without having any romantic feeling for them. I doubt that. It's how you set your mind and how you view a person is what makes your perception on them waver when you start thinking otherwise.

Nevertheless, I love this series! Ryan Reynolds is sooooooooooooooooo cute/hot/cute and adorkable! I think I have watched most of his works as he is one of my favourite actors, right at the top of my list. Hehehehehehe.

So if you're wondering if I have watched his latest work......

Ryan Reynolds in skintight green suit with portruding 6 packs and muscles. Urm, DUH. Of course I watched it within the first week of its release. Ngahahahahaha.

I give it 4.5 stars. Loses half a star because I think the movie was a bit too short for me. LOL.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Me & Mah Kitteh (^_^)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rest n Go!

Anyone who's familiar with the title will know what I'm talking about; those super comfy massage chairs at shopping malls!!!! RM1 for 3 minutes, RM5 for 15 minutes and RM10 for half an hour!!!

So far the longest I have tried it is RM2 worth. Hmm. I really should try out the RM5. I just might fall asleep, ngaha.

BTW, they are super duper comfy and super duper relaxing. My favourite part would be the shoulder massage, my least favourite would be the butt prodding. Seriously, it's creepy, ticklish and I somewhat feel sexually harassed by a massage chair thankyouverymuch.

Yeah, check out how relaxed we looked. If the picture seems shaky it's because we were all vibrating like crazy. LOL. You can practically see all the work tension melt away... Or vibrate away, whichever sounds better. Haha.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Monday. I Didn't Miss You.

funny pictures - I refuses        to recognise teh existence of teh monday

Hmm. I really should start LOLcat Mondays. That'd be a fun start for the week. At least LOLcats can cheer me up on Mondays. 83


Friday, June 24, 2011


Okay, now I'm hooked on Katy Perry's TGIF song (which btw, the video features Rebecca Black, NGAHAHA)





Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cosplayers are FTW


I mean come on, it's part of a Japanese culture, the entertainment part that is, but still Japanese nonetheless! Ngahahahaha.

By coincidence, Ikano was organizing a Movie Carnival the weekend my family and I were in KL, and HELL YEAH, COSPLAY COMPETITION~ AND MOVIE MASCOTS WHEEEEE~

I met Smurfs, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Kung Fu Panda's Po (MY FAVOURITE!!!), Mad Hatter (ALSO MY FAVE!!!), POTC's Captain Blackbeard, Charlie Chaplin, Boba Fett, X-Men's Storm, Lara Croft, Valkyrie's Colonel Claus Von Stuffenberg, Red Riding Hood, POTC's Angelica, HALO's Masterchief and some random creature from Resident Evil.

Was I the only one who was miffed by the girl who was supposed to be Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but kept introducing herself as Angelina Jolie?


*sensitive cosplay fan* LOL


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Hoodie Me

I heart weird hoodies.

Oh crap. It's not exactly wordless anymore now izzit?


P/S: Thanks to Linchan for this shot! =)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marche! Muy Caliente!

Erm, the Marche Restaurant at the Curve is Mexican, right? At least the word Marche sounds Mexican to me.


Everytime pegi The Curve, I have been dying to try it out because it looks so pretty and colourful from the outside, what with the green cow statue and the fancy wooden dining tables with pretty red-checkered table cloths, sangat attractive!

As I brought my family to KL two weekends back, my dad was asking where would I'd like to eat since he's buying dinner. Of course I rubbed my hands gleefully together and answered, "erm, MARCHE." NGAHA.

Now Marche has a really weird system when it comes to ordering food. First of all, you are given this pamphlet with boxes on it for all types of courses and beverages. Basically, you have to go around and order your food. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the pamphlet/form. ARGH FAIL. OTZ

Inside Marche, they have different foodstalls which serve different food; one would sell pasta, another would be salad, crepes, grill, dessert, drinks, etc. So you go to each stall and tell them what you want, hand them your pamphlet and they will stamp your order on the box of their designated foodstall item. Say you order cheese crepe, they stamp it in the appetizer box. HECK I HAD IT AS MY MAIN COURSE AND IT WAS YUMMEH AND FILLING.

Dem. *wipes drool*

I had cheese crepe with sauteed mushroom (the cheese dipping sauce sangat to die for okeyhhh), my dad had a salmon caesar salad (with tons of yummeh salmon!!!), my mum had grilled steak, and my brother had rosti with beef bacon with a side of sour cream (the sour cream siyes sedap gile).

I think I can make rosti at home. I just need to shread potatoes. But where the hell can I find sour cream in Kuching???? Hm. I wonder if Cold Storage has it. *planning mode*

I miss Marche already. I'LL BE BACK MARCHE!!!!! 8DDD


Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy 17th Birthday!

To my one and only brother!!!!

I am not the nicest sister, nor am I the most tolerant, haha. Despite all our fights, and I mean ALL of our petty-can-suddenly-get-intense-and-then-we-end-up-regretting-it-later fights, I love you very much!

No matter how slow you are at some times. Haha.

Hope you enjoyed the birthday gifts that we gave you!


*random* LOL.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Papa Day!

It's Papa Day Again!

I am a Daddy's Girl and I am proud of it.

My dad is my best friend and I cannot ask for a better dad!

Lots of love going out today for Papas around the world!

Happy Papa Day! (^0^)/


Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Fryyy-Dayyyy!

I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to the weeeeeeeeeeeeekend, weeeeeeeeeeekend!

I know, I know, that song is annoying, but I can't help it how every lousy song has a way to get stuck in my head.

Something I'm looking forward to this weekend~

Yes, I haven't watched it yet, saving my free tickets for this, bwahahahaha!

Besides, it's super crowded in the first 2 weeks of any new movie released. Urgh. I always end up having to buy the next showtime of the one I actually want.

See, this is why I always go to cinemas early. Easy parking, and shorter queues. Less hassle.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Miss...

................. EFFIN' YUMMY CREPES. I REALLY DO.

Someone needs to open Shimino in Kuching like, pronto. (=__=)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maliana's Wedding

.................was beautiful. =')

We came super early for her akad nikah that she was still in makeup! Haha! Looked so pretty in white!!!! =')

And yes, we were fooling around with her bridal bouquet while waiting for her to be done with her bridal makeup. Haha.

And we were super late for her persandingan!! Haha! She told us if we wanted a group shot, we should come a bit later as they were taking couple shots first. See how we all wore green???? Hehehehehe. Except for Damien.


Yes, I was hoping to see him in baju melayu for once. XD

Dengan sekali lafaz, Maliana sah bergelar isteri.. Tahniah sayangku yang chanteqs! =')


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday!

For My One and Only~!!!

Wow, suddenly your one year older than a quarter a century! But how is it that you manage to look no older than 21? I TOLD YOU IF YOU FOUND THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH YOU MUST SHARE IT WITH ME, LIKE ZOMG.


Thank you for sticking by all these years and being patient with my stubbornness, my mood swings, my temperamental moments and such. I am not the easiest person to be around with so I thank you for sticking by me no matter what.

You balance me out and I need that balance in my life.

I wish you nothing but happiness on this special day and every day! So enjoy!

Happy Birthday Sayang! Lots of love on this special day of yours!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Stalking 2AM (Part 4)


Ohnoeeeeessss... Right after the showcase ended, Kak Zura asked us if we wanted to head off to KLIA to watch them fly off since they were leaving that very night. XD

Hey, as long as someone's willing to drive back and forth, I have no problem with that.

So there we were, Nurul, Chika, Kak Dina, me and Kak Zura driving us at the speed of lightning (haha, tipu gile) to KLIA! Fangirling our asses off in the car of who looked cute when during the showcase. Hehehehehehehe. Jinwoon btw was super adorable. 8D

After quite an amount of waiting, the guys checked in to the international area, screaming fangirls all over the place. Including me, LOL.

Seulong wearing shorts. LOL. And JoKwon's studded backpack. Double LOL.

The pose in the lower middle pic is inspired by Kwonnie's pose for the stage game. YES, KKAPKWON FREAKIN' EMERGED IN MALAYSIA I WAS OVER THE FREAKING MOON SCREAMING MY ASS OFFFFFF~ okay, only fans will understand the excitement. 8DDD

The moment their plane took off, we all went to Burger King and discussed the events of the past 2 days. Somehow it felt like a dream, there I was, all the way from Kuching, got to be within less than 1 meter from the boys, have my album signed, and hear them perform LIVE.

Seriously, we were all rather emotional talking about it. I guess the feeling is really overwhelming, especially with these friends who I have known for a few years from the (surprise!) Arashi fandom. It's amazing how we stick together through and through.

We've already made a pact, that if there ever was to be a 2AM concert, we'll be waiting before sunrise!!! Yes, we're crazy that way. 8D

2AM. See what you have done? LOL.

Oh, here's a video of us airport stalking. 8D

Shameless squealing is a must. yes again, that's me screaming JOKWOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN~!!!!!!!! XD


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stalking 2AM (Part 3)


My friends and I waited in line from 10 freaking AM, whereas the showcase was supposed to start at 7!!! See how dedicated we are??? I blame the boys' smiles from the autograph session the night before.

I had my doubts about waiting in line that early but thankfully the line was indoor, where THANKYOUGOD there's air-conditioning. So the wait wasn't that bad, apart from the fact that I think I flatten the curve of my butt on that day. Haha. There were quizzes organised by Digi for the fans who were waiting and it must have been my lucky day since I won the first game. I was hoping the prize would be a meet and greet with 2AM (Hah!) turns out I got a free caller tune. And I don't even use Digi so I gave it to my friend. LOL.

Check out my uchiwa (that I spent 4 hours making thus, sleeping at 3.30am). It reads JoKwon by the way. Ngahaha.

And oh, the wait was totally worth it. FRONT ROW SEATS BAYBEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT! 8DDD

Those who got the effing stage game passes got to meet them upclose onstage. AKSDJALDSJLAJDSLKAJDKAJLSDAA. F$%KIN JEALOUS OF THOSE WHO GOT SERENADED.


They sang all their hits songs and at the end, we surprised Changmin, Jinwoon and Seulong with abirthday cake shaped like KLCC (because THEY LOVE SHOPPING AT KLCC, LIKE ZOMG) and sang Happy Birthday in both Korean and Malay. Changmin was so cute eating a piece of the cake and Jokwon eyeing him asking whether it tasted good or not. LOL.

Changmin: "I tried to eat the bridge, but it's made from plastic."



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jalan Gawai!

My first Gawai ngabang!!!

Not really my first, but definitely the first time for me to go to my OWN friend's house! And it was quite an adventure!!! LOL!

I, despite being a Kuching city girl, am crappy with roads. LIKE IMAGINE SOMEONE REALLY BAD AT ROADS, THEN MULTIPLY BY 10. Seriously. I often get asked, "Are you sure you're from Kuching?" I can't help it if I don't get around much. I'm too afraid of getting lost. =__=

So there I was, invited by my hosem buddy Damien to come over to his kampung in Bau. The only times I pass by Bau are when I got to Serikin, usually with dad driving, and me sleeping. *facepalms* So thank you Google Map for providing me the route to Kampung Suba, Bau! 8D

You gotta love technology. LOL.

Since I obviously can't drive and look at the map at the same time, I dragged along my bf to accompany me and ZOMG THANK GOD we didn't get lost. Accompanied by multiple phone calls from Melisa (whose house is across Damien's) we got there safe and sound. And we were warmly welcomed. Yay.

We had fun joking around with some of Damien's work friends from Limbang and made tons of fun of this really crappy drama on TV that was in Sarawak dialect. I couldn't take the storyline seriously!!!! haha!

Then Damien brought us along to his "friend's" home not far from there. Ngahaha. "Friend". Yeah, right Damien. I'd put up his friend's picture but I'm too scared that he'll hunt me down. Buahahahaha.

Text from Damien the moment we left, "Thanks for coming, sik sia-sia ku ngemas rumah."


Fun Gawai!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stalking 2AM (Part 2)

Okay so I got the autograph session done.

Forgot to mention in the previous post how we waited outside the building after that. The autograph session was really smooth. Imagine this, 400 kids done in 2 hours. That's amazing! Despite getting shoved to the side after each autograph, I was happy!

When we went out we saw the fans already scurrying around the van at the main door. I was curious when I saw the van as I thought, "That's kind of a tiny van for 4 really tall Korean guys and their staff." Plus, there was only one door for the van and it was facing the road, I mean, did they expect the guys to walk around the van? Funny.

Suddenly this Digi guy tipped us off and said that the boys were getting into a van in the basement. That bloody van was a decoy!!!!

So we waited at the parking exit, where they MUST pass by to exit the area. AND WALAWEY, 5 MINUTES LATER THEIR VAN SHOT OUT!

There I was waving like mad, recording in the other hand. Really funny. I saw Seulong squished in the middle, and Jinwoon at the back. They were uber friendly, waving everyone. But that was when the fans waiting at the decoy van went MADDDDDDD.

They practically ran over when they saw my friends and I approaching the van and even crowded around the van when they had to stop at a traffic light not far from there. I MEAN THAT IS JUST CRAZEEEEEE!!!

At least my friends stopped stalking once the van was on the main road.

But I'm happy. I was the first one to notice them and the first one to wave at them right next to the van, so that was my accomplishment! 8D

Here's the vid, rather short, and the van is slightly tinted, but I'm thankful that it's not FULLY TINTED, ngahaha.

Okay, so maybe you can't really see much, here, but basically the guys are in the van, between their staffs and such. Bloody staff tried to cover the windows with their hoodies. Too late~ Bwahahahaha.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Stalking 2AM (Part 1)

This has been quite a delayed post, mostly because my friends and I just cannot get over the fact that they have returned to Korea and stuff. =(

It took me quite a while to have my 2AM HIGH calm down a bit. LOL.

We successfully got 2 out of 3 passes, 1 being the autograph session pass! The autograph session started at 7, we lined up at around 4pm. Basically had a huge lunch at Ikea (meatballs, salmon, chicken wings etc) to boost up our energy for all the waiting. Thank God I didn't have any tummy issues. Haha.

Then we were allowed into the hall at around 5.45pm. We got these pink tags for our wrist and WALAWEY, A FREE LIMITED EDITION (MALAYSIA VERSION) 2AM SAINT O'CLOCK ALBUM WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 8D

I heard rumours before going to the session that the boys will only sign the Malaysia Version whereas I had bought mine online (SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION PULAK TU.) So I was a bit pissed off since I really wanted them to sign my Special Limited Edition album. Pfft. Nasib baik bagi free. Haha.

It's so funny how all my friends on that day were also my Arashian pals. We move together! Haha!

I recorded a lot since well, I couldn't keep my hand still to take still photos because I was screaming like the crazy fangirl I am. LOL. We were pleasantly surprised that they actually performed before starting the autograph session and sang "You Wouldn't Answer My Calls." One of my favourite songs!!!! *insert more incoherent squealing here*

And by the way, some of my friends and I who have never really fancied Changmin, found him to be UBER HOT during autograph signing (sadly his hair did not look as good for the showcase, darnit.). AND JOKWON'S MUSCLES ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! That short sleeves shirt really showed them off well! I couldn't take my eyes of them! 8DDD

I was so mesmerized by pretty Kwonnie, I sort of babbled with the rest!

To Changmin: In a cracked voice, "Hi.." (smiled like an idiot, eyeing Jokwon next to him)

To JoKwon:
JOKWON I LOVE YOU AND GAIN!!! LOOK LOOK! YOU AND GAIN!!! (gestured to my Adam couple hoodie)

To Jinwoon:
*similar to Changmin* and then nearly squealed like an idiot when I saw Kwonnie look at my hoodie TWICEEEE!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)

To Seulong:
Thank you for coming to Malaysia! (WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF???!!!)

Dammit. I really wanted to say Ajibaem (brother in law) to Seulong!!!! But my brain was all mashed up after seeing Kwonnie take a loot at me twice! ARGH.

To this day, I still can't believe I couldn't remember to say Ajibaem to Seulong. (=_=) Guys, please come back. I need to redeem myself.

Oh and since I recorded the first verse to the first chorus of the song, thought I'd upload it here:

Ehem. Yes, by the time JoKwon sang his part, I'm the one shamelessly screaming, "JOKWOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


<span class=

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kekkon Omedetou! =)

Or as they say in English, Congratulations on your Marriage!

Today is my colleague, friend, sister's akad nikah, and I cannot believe she will be someone's wife starting today...

She's only 3 years older than me!!! But she is wise, alim and everything a guy would possibly want in a woman to be a wife.

I am very happy for you Maliana! Can't wait to babysit your kids at the office!!!! 8DDD

or maybe, can't wait to see how Damien would babysit your kids! That would be a fun thing to watch, muahahahahahahahaha~!

Congrats again Maliana Chanteqs! =')


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