Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rest n Go!

Anyone who's familiar with the title will know what I'm talking about; those super comfy massage chairs at shopping malls!!!! RM1 for 3 minutes, RM5 for 15 minutes and RM10 for half an hour!!!

So far the longest I have tried it is RM2 worth. Hmm. I really should try out the RM5. I just might fall asleep, ngaha.

BTW, they are super duper comfy and super duper relaxing. My favourite part would be the shoulder massage, my least favourite would be the butt prodding. Seriously, it's creepy, ticklish and I somewhat feel sexually harassed by a massage chair thankyouverymuch.

Yeah, check out how relaxed we looked. If the picture seems shaky it's because we were all vibrating like crazy. LOL. You can practically see all the work tension melt away... Or vibrate away, whichever sounds better. Haha.


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