Friday, January 27, 2012

Yummeh Find

This has to be the ultimate dessert that I have discovered in Samarahan area. AND hasil tangan orang Melayu. AND he's a guy!!

It's called a white chocolate mousse and it is sooooooooo sedaaaaappppp!!!

It's RM4 but soooo worth the money and it's really big that I had trouble finishing it! ME. Having trouble finishing something yummeh! WHUT.

I know this post is so random but I wanted to try out my phone function in posting here. Fufufufu~ ☺

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 - Wedding Year?

I believe the ultimatum of wedding years is this year. 
I have been getting wedding/engagement invites for 2012 since LAST year.
And have been sending out my invites too. lol.

Let's see.

There's one in February at Kulai, Johor. A fellow Arashi fangirl, Ai-chan. =3

There's one of my guy friends, Firhan,  in March in KL.

Another one in July, Kuching. *cough*Lin*cough*

An akad nikah possibly after raya in KL. Hai Ecot. =p

One of my best friend's engagement in December. (^0^)9

And mine? Hehehehehe.  
*runs across a field of daisies in slow motion*

My engagement will be coming up soon, yet I have already planned 75% of my wedding for later this year.

I have booked my wedding venue since last year, when we confirmed everything with our families. And have already selected my bridal who will be handling everything. Lovelovelove!

Yes, Ladybug will finally tie the knot! 

Gambar ihsan Google XD


Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2012!!!

To everyone celebrating:


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Berhati-Hati Dengan Orang Tua Penipu

This is a warning to those out there who are traveling on their own or even with their family or spouse.

This happened to me yesterday.

Petang semalam kat KL Sentral, berangkat barang dah, nak pegi ke tempat bas nak pegi LCCT balik Kuching. BF pulak tetibe sakit perut....

So aku duduklah dulu kat this one waiting area depan KFC sementara dia pegi ke toilet.

Tetiba this one guy approach aku, muka resah gelisah semacam. Aku dah cuak dah.

"Adik, abang tertinggal wallet dalam teksi tau, abang nak balik ke rumah kat Ampang takde duit nak bayar tambang teksi."

Ni version ringkas, cita yang dia story kat aku panjang berjela. Sampai aku jadi cuak and saspen and kesian sket.


Aku terkejut. Gila berani. Aku tipu cakap aku tak banyak duit sebab nak bayar tambang bas lagi pastu.

Dia cakap takpe, aku leh pegi ATM.

Lagi aku tersentap. Aku pun heran nape lah aku tak terpike pon dia nak tipu aku time nih.

Aku cakap aku leh spare rm10 je. Tetibe die macam bengang sket sebab aku takleh bagi banyak. (WTF NAPE AKU TAK SEDAR DOWH)

Siap mintak nombor tepon and nama aku, kononnya nak kontek aku mintak nombor akaun nanti dia bank in kan.

Aku plak mintak nombor tepon dia, dia tak bagi. NAPE LAH AKU BAGI JUGAK RM20???????

FAK FAK FAK. KENE TIPU HABIS-HABISAN. Adakah aku kene pukau? Sebab lepas aku bagi tu, dia cakap terima kasih, tepok lutut aku.


Korang berhati-hati la. Aku obviously bukan local kat mata dia time tu. Dudok sorang-sorang pulak tu. Memang easy target. The moment dia lari dengan duit aku, balak aku balik dari toilet.

BF aku memang terkejut gile la. Pastu macam frustrated sebab benda tu berlaku time dia tinggalkan aku sorang-sorang.

Aku cuma leh bersyukur yang aku boleh tipu dia balik time tu cakap duit aku tak banyak.

 sampai je rumah, aku google pasal bsb tipu menipu ni. Rupa-rupanya, bukkan aku sorang je yang kena, ramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii orang dah kene. Ada yang kene makcik, abang, pakcik, semua dengan alsan yang sama: tertinggal wallet dalam teksi, duit tambang bas/teksi/tren tak cukup etc.

Ya Allah, malu tau. Orang Melayu nak tipu bangsa sendiri.

I never thought that I would be one of those who would fall for this type of scam. It's embarrassing and definitely pissing me off.

So, you honest people yang mudah bersimpati dengan orang lain, please be careful. =(

P/S: And yes, I was in KL for the weekend, but that's a whole different story.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Cat, Thamby - Forever in Our Hearts

My cat, Thamby, passed away recently. It was a very sad event for a cat that have been with us for so long. Some may think of it as exaggerating, overreacting over a pet cat, but really, this is one cat that is not like any other.

Thamby has always been a part of the family. He is the only cat who sits at the table with us.

The only cat that sleeps inside the house at night. And occasionally with me on my bed. :')

Thamby is also the most gentleman cat ever. If the other cats are eating from his dish, he steps away. And waits for them to be done and eats the leftovers.

Thamby is the cat that brings his own newspaper for dinner. My dad was greatly disappointed he couldn't record this before Thamby died. T_T

Thamby is the cat that lies down on your foot to be petted. And then you can push him around with your feet so he becomes a mop-cat. He doesn't even mind. Many friends are witnesses of this.

Thamby is the cat that when you wash your hands at the kitchen sink, he jumps up, sits next to you, and wait for you to give him a glass/bowl of fresh water for him to drink. He also likes his face to be washed by my dad.

Thamby is the quietest cat when it comes to his showers.

Thamby is the kindest cat to kids.

Thamby likes to accompany my dad when he prays.

Thamby likes to snuggle when sleeping. He's either on your lap, or cuddling next to you on the bed. He likes the body heat.

The last few weeks of his life, he had been sleeping with me, cuddling close, before he got really sick due to his kidney failure. The doctor said that he did not have much time to live, but we continued with his treatment with high hopes. But then again, he is already 9 years old, which in cat years is about 50 or 60 years old. 

My mother was the one who stayed with him to his last second. She came inside with tears streaming down her face saying that Thambi had passed away. I couldn't bring myself to look at him because I did not want the last image of Thamby to be him dead. I already cried watching him slowly dying. The following morning, my dad buried him in the heavy rain. (T_T)

Thamby is a cat like no other. I was happy to hear from Maliana, that Thamby is guaranteed a place in heaven, and InsyaAllah, he remembers those who takes care of him during his lifetime.

I thought that was a lovely thought to have in mind. To know that Thamby is in heaven, probably dragging a newspaper around to have his dinner. =')

Thamby, you are dearly missed and forever loved.

I have lots of stories about Thamby if you are interested, HERE.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Japan Trip 2011 - Saizeria

This must be my favourite food find on my trip! Saizeria, Italian food at an affordable rate! I loved this! The most important factor of my love for this shop, is the FREE FLOW OF DRINKS YEAY!

I consume a lot of liquid because I get thirsty easily due to the cold weather, you know, because of dehydration. So I am constantly buying something to drink when walking around.

Saizeria has the nicest range of food. The shop always has a lone outside so, prepare to wait a bit. It usually doesn't take long since they do try to make sure you don't have to be waiting for more than 10 minutes for a seat. But you will be cramped between people. Like us. Huhu.

Check out the food!

I had buffalo mozarella cheese pizza and spinach gratin. Both are to die for! YUMMEH MAX.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Japan Trip 2011 - Sweet Paradise

Sweet Paradise is the place to go if you have a sweet tooth! Cakes, chocolates, sweets you name it.  Salmi apparently is a huge fan of sponge cake. How can I not know this OMGIFAILASAFRIEND.

She has been telling me over and over again about this shop with it's all you can eat dessert buffet. It's a bit hefty (around RM50++ if I'm not mistaken) but I tried it out for the experience of it plus the chocolate fountain looked so inviting. Haha.

The shop is really girly, since it is more directed towards female consumers. Everything is either hot pink or colourful. The walls have fancy patterns, the fonts for the shop are all in hot pink and sunny yellow and the rows of cakes are endless. You will be spoilt for choices!!!

I have rarely liked chocolate fountains because all that I've tried before are either too bitter or too sweet and just basically doesn't taste like good chocolate to me. But the one here is absolutely divine! MELTED MILK CHOCOLATE WOOT. I swear, if Salmi could get a bigger bowl than the one provided, she would totally fill up 5 big bowls of it. 
I went for the savoury goodies first; they had rice salad, tomato spaghetti and varieties of soup, all which I enjoyed. And then I went on to the main course of cakes. I'm not a fan of dry sponge cakes, I prefer the more moist types like puddings and mousse cakes which they have so many of! The drinks are free flow, so took advantage of that! XD

The last photo of me up there is my "OMG I CANNOT EAT THIS ANYMOARRR~!!!" Haha, there is a limit to my sweet cravings after all.

Diabetics, please stay away from this shop. FAR AWAY. You have been warned! XD

Check out the awesome website for Sweet Paradise HERE!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Japan Trip 2011 - Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo! Another location that got famous due to the ever popular TV Drama Boys over Flowers or Hana Yori Dango! Refer to previous post for the first location from the drama that I went to. Hehehehe.

Ueno Zoo reminds me a lot of Taman Negara! Well, I guess all zoo would probably look the same. Haha. BUT. The zoo gift shop is sooooooo tempting!!! Every animal plushie is too cute!!! BUT Y SO EXPENSIVE? *bangs head to wall*

I did eventually get myself the cutest rabbit keychain I have ever saw in my life. The tail is a zip so you can put stuff inside of it and hang it on your bag. (It was RM 25 btw. Gah.)

Some photos!!!

They are raving about the panda section! I wish the pandas were as excited as the promoters though, Haha.! We also had lunch at the cafeteria area and yay for takoyaki!!! Too bad the sauce given in the packet was not halal, so we had to eat it dry. Boo. It's a good thing that the takoyaki stall in Salmi's area is halal. 
My favourite section of the zoo is absolutely the petting area. The rabbits, mice and guinea pigs are sooooooo cute!!! I am seriously considering of buying myself a mice for a pet. I want it that bad!!! So cute and gentle! WANTSWANTSWANTS!!!

More random photos of me with animals. XD

I don't know if you can see it, but the goat is smiling widely with his Colgate teeth. Serious shit. 8D


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012


Amboi, tua dah aku ni. Nape la tak reti nak sedar diri. Hahahaha.

Seronok gile 2 minggu Isnin cuti, Heaven gileeeee.. Takde lah aku nak post muka kucing monyok 2 Isnin nih. Ngahahahahaha.

The next few weeks will be a bit light for me since the semester has ended, so exam week has started. Again, I'll be invigilating 3 exams, one of which I am ketua pengawas. Dua kali dah jadi ketua pengawas nih, biar betul. Muka aku ni bukannya boleh diharap sangat. Hahahaha. JK.

Azam 2012?

Azam yang sama setiap tahun. Nak lose weight. Tapi ada member cakap, kalau wat jadi azam, takkan settle nye la. So baik aku tarik balik statement tu.

The last two weekends of 2011 was spent with my best friend Lynn who will be leaving today for her job at Uniten in Selangor. Okay, sangat depresi. Sekarang aku sorang lah berhormon estrogen dalam group kitorang. Siap member laki dah cop aku #foreveralone. Siot betol.

Lots of photos were taken, but I think a photo-less post for my first post of 2012 should be worth it. Ala, macamlah takde muka aku dalam blog nih. haha. *avoids flying plates*

What's your New Year's Resolution? =)


Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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