Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Cure?

This could be my Monday cure:

Yummy Large Value Meal of GCB. With Cheese Shaker fries. ZOMG Fast Food Heaven.

*smacks self*

Get a grip Wawa! (=_=)


Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Happiest Moment

I have only started working slightly over a year now, and I am proud to say that I love my work and what it offers me. It's different than what I expected, but it still gives me the greatest joy.

Earning my first pay was a breath of fresh air; for once I was able to spend on things without the guilt of wasting another person's money. And of course, this then taught me the value of money. 

I promised myself that I would treat my family to something nice, so one night while browsing around AirAsia website, I found cheapo return flights for a certain date.Perfect! I secretly got all my family member's details and bought a weekend getaway flights for all of us. 

As my parents anniversary was coming up soon, I thought of presenting it to them then. So I printed out the tickets, and made an envelope from pretty wrapping paper to put it in. Oh, and I also booked one of the top hotels to stay in, so all expenses paid, basically. =)

My dad was super dumbfounded when he opened it, and it gave me the greatest joy to see them appreciating it. My mum was going over the details and saving it in her planner, haha! My little brother who hasn't gone on a plane for quite a while was also excited, this was my happy moment with them. To be able to afford bringing them on a trip was a great feeling!

Us arriving at the hotel. We are such camwhores. XD
During the trip, the shopping mall facing our hotel had a movie carnival going on, so there were cosplayers everywhere, and movie characters walking around. SCORE!!!! My family are big movie buffs and the one we were most excited to see was PO THE KUNG FU PANDA!!!! Oh the awesomeness!!! The long queue was so worth it. Everyone was enjoying our Kung Fu pose (since everyone before us just basically hugged Po, we thought  creativity should be inserted here. haha). And that is how I got this awesome picture:

(Click to enlarge)

The trip was a lovely weekend getaway, and I hope to get them another trip in the future. =)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy Busy Week

Have to put my jogging on hold.

This is a super busy week. With assessments for my students starting at 8.30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday; and also there's the big meeting on Wednesday. I end up going home with a very dizzy head.

There's no lunch outings for this week, that's for sure. The only time I get to rest is from 12pm to 2pm. And that time is also used to prep for the meeting. Ooooh~  peninggggggggggg~

And lately I have been sleeping by 10. Though that kind of helps me with waking up properly. ;p

But honestly.

It's a miracle that I could even find the time to type out this post. =(

Will be going off somewhere as a vacation, but I shall wait for everything to settle down first before putting it up here.

Wish me luck! =')


Friday, October 21, 2011

Maid of Honor

At least something is finally done. =)

Kak Zie asked me to be her maid of honor when her original one was not able to make it to her wedding due to certain circumstances. Mula-mula tak sure jugak, tapi bila pikir-pikir balik, what if it was my wedding, and I needed some emergency help? Oh well, I took her offer.

So syaratnya kene ada baju kurung putih. Haha, ai tembam, ai tak suka pakai putih. Tapi demimu Kak Zie, gagah beli kain pasang putih hantar ke tailor.

Alhamdulillah, dalam masa 2 minggu, siap dah. Tapi rasa macam nak add some finishing touches. Maybe add a bit of kerawang? =)

Nah, sneak peak:

Oh, and tetiba kedai tudung kat Kuching smua sold out pashmina putih, wtf. Time aku nak beli tu la smua dok cakap "habis, sold out, blablablabla." CES. Baru ingat nak bergaya dengan pashmina putih. Hmm. Inner neck putih pun kalau leh jumpa best gak. stakat nih ada hitam je. Takpe, settle baju dulu, tu lagi penting. Misi mencari selendang/pashmina putih bermula! Yosh!

Baju dah beri kat Abang Damien hensem untuk pass on kat makcik dia bagi wat kerawang simple. Dijamin siap in one week katanye. Yeah, I like! 8D *thumbs up sign sini*

Tadi jenjalan kat booth-booth konvo, jumpa booth jual selendang putih cantik bermanik simple. PERFECT!!!! =D


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary

7 years. Thank you, love. (^_^)

Hopefully this one is forever. =)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coca Cola Lipbalm

Some may find it gross. Some may find it weird. Some may find it fascinating.
I find it a bit addictive. XD
It smells strongly like Chupa Chups Coca Cola lollipop.
And *cough* tastes like it too. LOL. 
Despite all that, it is really moisturising, and affordable too.

But this would definitely be a bad bad bad bad idea for fasting month!!! Haha!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Of Carroms and Choc Fondue

The past weekend was spent with the family doing the most random things at home. 

For one, we played carrom,  which I btw, kind of really suck at. My dad is a carrom champion so it's totally not fair to compete with an amateur like me who plays an average of once in every 2 years. Pfft. I kept saying, "INI TIDAK ADILLLL~" (This is unfairrr!!!) every time he scored points. Which was like in nearly every round. *headdesk*


And my mum seem to be in a chocolate mood and made us chocolate fondue, something she has been longing to do since watching it on repeats of cooking shows she keeps watching on Astro. I'm not sure it's a good thing for my waistline. *pats belly* She chopped up a variety of fruits but my favourite would have to be grapes dipped in chocolate, yum! Too bad we didn't have strawberries. (which btw is about RM24.00 at Giant Tabuan, wtf.)

Mak, if you are reading this, can we have cheese fondue next time? 8D


Monday, October 17, 2011

Hectic Life is Hectic

I've been uber busy lately with a gazillion things going on all at once.
Things that I wish I could blog, but only until everything is confirmed, because I kind of don't want to jinx it. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Classes have been going on smoothly so far, there are the odd bits here and there, but thankfully, everyone seems to get the hang of it. I think 4 classes is really a bit much to handle though. The ideal amount would've been two really. My friends and I rarely have lunch together now. We used to have lunch together every day! It seems like this semester is just a typhoon of work. *faints dramatically*

There are so many things I actually want to blog about, with so many photos I want to upload, but hopefully I can actually properly do an update soon. For the time being, wish me the betterment of health please. =)

Oh, and it's Monday. And this is you:


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

A new favourite:

Red Grape is my favourite! *slurps*


Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Again

This is sort of a link to my previous post. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Friday, October 7, 2011




Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wow. I didn't think I'd get more than 20, let alone 100 followers. So awesome!!!
Thanks to each and every one of you! Group hug!!! 

*hugs everyone*


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(not so) Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's That Time of the Year!

Couch Potatoes, TV freaks rejoice!!! All our favourite series are back!!!! *dances around with joy*

My Must Watch:

The Big Bang Theory Season 5
Dr. Sheldon Coopeeeeerrrr!!!!! 
How I Met Your Mother Season 7
I really hope the kids finally get to stop listening to Ted's story on how he met their mom eventually. It's a bit dragging now. =_=

Glee Season 3
Just watched 2 episodes but OMG Quinn you asjkdhajksdhjkadhajksdh!

Pretty Little Liars Season 2
The second part of Season 2 will start airing on October 19!!! Hurrayyy!!! 

My Guilty Pleasures:

Desperate Housewives Final Season
Ooooh suspense, Ooooh drama! Oooh! A hot new neighbour! LOL.

90210 Season 4
Naomi kicks ass in this season! Silver is still my favourite! Liam is still hot!!! Eye candies everywhere! =p

My New Addiction:

Masterchef US
I thought Gordon Ramsey was scary until I got to know Joe. I'm super scared of Joe. But he can be so funny sometimes. SOME times. Currently watching Season 2! No spoilers please! =)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet My Cuzzie

Yes, a post that was waaayyy overdue. Bulan Syawal dah habes, baru sebok nak post gambar raya. Smua gambar terperuk dalam kamera kumpul debu imaginasi. Haha.

Sekarang baru rajin nak transfer gambar, nak resize, nak watermark. Not a lot to tell, gambar ada la nearly 200 from first week of Syawal, sebab memang takde lekat kat rumah except during my Open House, hari lain sibok jalan raya dengan geng skolah, pegi ke hulu ke hilir jalan raya. I think this was one of my most productive Syawals, really.

Since I can't really sumbat everything in one post, I'll just go bit by bit if I am Super Rajin and if anyone nak tau sangat how my raya went. Uhuk Uhuk. Macam ada je orang nak baca sangat. Any silent readers? *umpan dengan gula-gula Cloud 9 Ice Lemon Tea*

Tapi untuk tidak memeningkan everyone di pagi Monday yang blergh aslkdjslkasjdl blueks ini, meh la I introduce you to my youngest cousin Aieyna yang pipi gebu berat melawan graviti:

One of the photos where she actually LOOKED at the camera for once. haha.

She is so adowableee~ Tapi susah bebenor nak ambek gambar dengan dia nih. Bukannya nak pandang kamera. Tapi lepas ambik gambar tunjok kat dia, suka pulak. Depan kamera taknak gelak, lepas ambik gambar pastu tunjuk, senyum memanjang. Kena ada 2 kamera la gini kalau nak hambek gambar dia smiling. Ces.

Macam-Macam Ada. LOL.

Another week of hard work and focus guys! Enjoy~ =p  

*kene baling batu*


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