Monday, July 12, 2010

Of Eclipse and Vampire Sucks


The other day I went to watch Eclipse. Woohooo for third installment of the Twilight Saga! Wheee~ Hello hot vampires, Hello constantly topless werewolves in human form!

Eclipse was great, not really on my awesome scale, but great. Hey, nothing can beat the book obviously. I wish I could have seen more of Rosalie's story, because I think it made quite an impact on my opinion of Rosalie when I read about it.

Oh, and those who watch the saga relying on the movies alone would be really clueless at some point of this movie. Especially to those whose first and last time for watching each of the previous movies was when they were accompanying their GFs (yes my bf, you are one of them, lol.). No matter how interesting the movie is to them, they won't be able to recap on the things that should be important. Hence, when my bf asked why was this redheaded vampire chick (urm, Victoria to those who live in caves) was building a vampire army and why was she so pissed with Edward and Bella. Believe me, trying to explain coherently and keeping your eyes on the screen watching Edward being pissed off at Jacob is not easy. I gave up after he complained he couldn't hear my explanation. (=__=)

Oh, lots of kissing action in this one. I wonder which kiss will win MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss..... Edward/Bella? Jacob/Bella? Edward/Jacob OH YEAH BABY!

Kissing awards aside, we know how Eclipse is the book where Jasper Hale really shines~ *giggles incoherently* I so worship Alice/Jasper pairing!! XD

I personally think he looks better with dark hair than blonde.

Doesn't he remind you a lot of Aaron Johnson? XD

And the most awesome thing that I recently found? A MOVIE PARODY DEDICATED TO OUR VAMPIRES YAY.

Behold, the movie trailer for "Vampire Sucks".

I can't wait for this movie to be out and LMAO. I hope it's laugh-worthy, because recently parodies are starting to get really predictable and cliche.



lynnanuar said...

I am more interested in watching the parodies than the actual movie. Tang lawak gilaaaaa jakkkkk!

WaWa said...

Nak nak nakkkk??? Hahaha! Sik sabar nak nangga juak!!! XD

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