Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bocchan's 1st Day!

Who is Bocchan?

This is Bocchan! Cute, isn't she?

今日は何をしますか、ボちゃん?ああ~ 分かった。テレビをみる?
What are you doing today, Bocchan? Aa~ I understand. Watching TV?

なるほど、GLEE!GLEE 最高だ~!
Of course, Glee! Glee is awesome~!


Bocchan, I'm nervous. How will my interview turn out?



My Mascot :D

I had always wanted a blog mascot for my blog, but I didn't want just any random doll. So lately I have been interested in nendoroid anime dolls since I am a huge fan of animes and basically anything Japanese. XD

So I randomly checked out one of the shops at The Spring and ugh, the price is way too steep for a non-working (yet?) person like me so I decided to postpone buying it.

But. BUT.

Upon returning from my mini vacation I went on a date with my bf to go and watch A-Team, since there were rave reviews for the movie.

So here's how it goes.

He got my brother a belated birthday present, and then he told me he had something for me.

He held out this really small gachapon ball and said that it wasn't anything like the nendoroid doll I wanted but he hoped I could use it for the time being.

I was so touched I didn't really mind it until I saw that there was a note stuck to the bottom of it which read: "Look behind your seat."

And well, really, what else could it be? XD

Awwww. Blue wrapper because he knows how much I love the colour. :')

I still can't believe I own this nendoroid. It was the model that I wanted too! Thank you so much oh my loved one. :'D

Say hello to my blog representative:

Bocchan <3


Monday, June 28, 2010



Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... :p

My interview went well. Though I kinda felt I messed up at some part, but I feel like I gave it my best shot.

Now all I have to do is wait and find out if I am within their consideration for a formal interview (which btw is also not guaranteed, but it is a positive sign ^^;)

So I won't be mentioning it until I have a positive feedback about it, but until ten, I think I'll keep it to myself for now. Don't want to jinx it too much. :)

OH. And the reason for my slow update was because I was away for the weekend with the family for a mini vacation since we didn't go anywhere for the school hols.

We went to Santubong Resort (because it is cheap-ass compared to the newly reinvented Damai Resort, ops, I mean DAMAI PURI, pfft. wth.)

And had a blast swimming our asses off in the pool.

It turns out there is this regulation where those who are swimming in Tees are only allowed to wear white.


So I ditched the rule and dived into the pool with my all-black assemble. (a lifeguard came up to us later pressing us about it, but we totally intimidated him, HAH.)


Here's a nice ending pic of rebellious me.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Agh. Nebes Nebes Nebessssssssssssssssss.

Esok ade Intebiu.

Wish me luck!

I hope I get it, because I really like the job. And also my funds are running low. Need $$$ desperately.

If I get it, I'll elaborate more on the job. ;)

But for the time being, wish me all the good luck in the world! ^^

To cheer myself up for this informal interview:

LOL. I so love macros.


Monday, June 21, 2010

No Toy Gets Left Behind :')

How do I start?

It was perfect, BEAUTIFULLY DONE.

It's so hard to believe that it has ended.

The storyline was perfectly scripted out, they couldn't have done it any better.


Anyone who is planning on watching, I advise to bring along a packet of tissues, unless you're the type who have hearts made of steel or something. I just get mushy with stuff like this.

I teared up at so many points of the movie that I kept sniffing throughout the movie, LOL.

And also remember to stay right until the end, coz they extended the extras. I guess it was especially done for their final installment? Loved it!

Thank you Pixar, for an awesome closure to an awesome story. :')

P/S: BTW, I watched this twice at the movies, heh. :p


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro!

Happy 16th Birthday to my one and only Brother! (^0^)

One thing for sure is that I'm happy you have limited access to the net so that you won't be able to see this or it'll just spoil all the surprise for you, LOL.

So, you're 16 today, huh? OMAIGOD YOUR SPM IS NEXT YEAR D8 (mood spoiler, LOL)

SPM aside (not to far aside, mind you *waves finger*), I hope that you will enjoy today as much as I had enjoy planning it.

I know how stressed out you have been with your studies and all, and us rubbing it in your faces, LOL, so I thought that as a treat, and also because today is your last school holiday for this term, I'd take you out to the movies and watch a PG rated movie aka Toy Story 3.

I know how we have grown up watching all available PIXAR movies via pirated VCDs and DVDs, so why not as a tribute to the final closure of one of our favourite Pixar movies, and also to celebrate your 16th birthday, we go to the cinema to enjoy it the halal way?

Coz I know how much you envy me going off to the movies, LOL.

And as for your gifts, well, let's just say you know that those awesome gifts from mom and dad? Well I picked them out coz apparently they are clueless of what to get you but I knew what you'd want. :p So I have been picking them out, buying, wrapping them up, filling up the cards etc. So don't bug me that I got you a small one. It's still pricey you know! Pfft.

Just be extra careful when assembling your new (and may I add original? :D) Gundam models, okay bro? ;)

OH, and also, Happy Father's Day, Bapak. :)

You are the most awesome dad any kid could have and I apologise for any rudeness, kurang ajar-ness, stubborness, and all those really negative crappy attitude of mine. Because you deserve all the respect and joy in the world. YOU ARE THE BEST.



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Currently Obsessed with...

1. Mister Potato Rice Crisps (Sour Cream and Onion Flavour)

Ni baru makan arini, terus tangkap cintan. The flavour is light and crispy. Dunno about the other flavours but that's also because Sour Cream and Onion is my favourite flavour when it comes to any type of potato chips. Or in this case, rice crisps. 8D

2. Local, home-grown avocado

I am a huge fan of avocados. And this one plak, pokok nye ditanam oleh ayahanda terchenta. It looks different than an ordinary avocado, rite? It's originally from Indonesia, mak bawak balik avocado Indon sekotak, and bijik tanam kat blakang rumah, OH PANDAI. It's bigger, and according to my bapak, it is also creamier. Nyum. Pokok tengah subur skarang ni. YAYAY. 8D'

3. Downloading and Burning DVDs

Skarang tengah catch-up dengan all the movies yang terlepas time blajo. :p And also the TV series!!! So far dah habis tengok 90210. And apparently, Annie in Season 2 is really annoying. I'M JUST SAYIN'. XD

4. Conspiracy and all those jiggly puffs.

Mendalah ni diperkenalkan oleh member. Stuff on the mind-controlling media and stuff. I found the perception on Lady Gaga to be the most fascinating info. Seronok bace, tambah-tambah lagi kekadang rasa berkait jugak dengan dunia hiburan omputeh masa kini. Kadang-kadang seram sejuk jugak bile baca. (ye, saya seorang penakut.) Klik logo kat atas untuk pi ke website die. Nanti bile dah khatam baca, bile tengok movie or music video omputeh, mesti dok teringat website nih nanti. Ngahahaha. So kira macam educating yourself la. Terpulang nak percaya ke tak. I just enjoy reading a lot. :p

5. Ray William Johnson (on YouTube)

Okay, this is like, one of the awesome channels I stumbled upon on YT. HE IS FREAKIN' HILARIOUS, OKAY. And it helps that he is kinda cute, LOL. He has his own twice a week YT video uploads called "Equals Three" where he reviews all the top viral videos. And I've got to say, this guy has made me favourited A LOT of vids after watching his shows. Want to know how much I like this guy's crack? I watched all 108 videos of his "=3" show. AHAHAHAHAHA. *crazy laugh*

Oh, and be prepared to have words like "epic face", "jizz in my pants", "alcoholic dad", "doin' your mom", and "cutest. thing. EVAR!!" stuck in your head. LOL. Click the "=3" above to go to his YT channel. AND SUBSCRIBE!

6. My latest Gizmo Gadget, my heart and soul 83

My LG GD580 aka Lollipop. *cairrrr*

This is the closest I can get to getting the feel of owning a Japanese mobile phone. Okay Fine, it's a Korean product, I said 'FEEL' okayyyyy. Dad said it's the last phone his buying for me (btw, this is a gift due to my final semester results) coz he expects me to get a job and buy my own phones after this. LOL. OKAY DAD, I GET IT. XD


Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday to Him 83

Gah. Why do you do NOT look your age? D8 It's so unfair. Pfft.

Anyways, anyhow, anywho, Happy 25th Birthday, despite looking 17.
Life's unfair askdjlfjlksjflajdh.

And this was what I got for him, ordered from Ika, who turned out to be his cousin, LOL. That's how small Kuching is. XD I asked her to do something similar to what she did for kak zie but with minor adjustments. :p

And it turned out lovely, In the middle is the Gloomy bear, it was my first gift for him at the early stages of our relationship. :3

Oh, and it tasted awesome too. I ate one of the choccie swirls and I got the bird, yay. 8D

Tenkiu dear Ika!!! It was worth every penny and getting lost in Taman BDC at night, LOL.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Quote from Pian's FB (which he dedicated to me, LOL):

air pasang pagi, surut pukul 5,
kawan2 sy bgn pagi, nak cek result mereka,
pokok bunga melur, tanam tepi kolam,
...macam mana nak dpt result, server macam h@r@m

Selepas nampak "SERVER BUSY" 182479174917491 kali...

Selepas nampak "THE PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED" 3299823792957298375 kali...

Selepas refresh 380285902850298502850293520389502 kali...

Syukur Alhamdulillah.

I have officially finished my degree.

And I will get to wear the square hat that I have been waiting to put on my head for about 20 years.

Terima kasih kepada mak ayah yang put up with my karenah over my somewhat 16 years of learning (dari kindergarten sampai skarang nonstop, OMG). Menemani ke skolah, mengugut budak laki yang asyik cucok my back time perhimpunan skolah, membuat bekal makanan yang sodap-sodap, membantu dalam mengulangkaji subjek sains math etc. I LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS.

Terima kasih kepada kekasih hati yang LAGI banyak bersabar dengan my mood swings time belajar.. Asyik jadi tempat lepas geram, sori sangat-sangat.. :'( Cannot believe how patient you are with me. Sorry for all the times I lashed out at you, nagged you and ignored you.

Terima kasih rakan-rakan yang disayangi; Hani Bani (wajib sebut), YanYan, Enul Ejan, Syu, Gee Mantap, Chek Spanjbob, Naddy Baby Carrot, Deeba Chicken Little, and the gang etc etc..

Terima kasih kepada lecturers over the years, the Kuantan Branch lecturers during my Pre-Degree TESL year and of course those in the Shah Alam Section 17 branch.

Terima kasih to my AE Supervisor sebab banyak gile membantu with my thesis.. Tak sangka leh siap dengan eloknye despite I was like one of the few yang kene wat survey menggunakan 400 respondents when others only used 40 orang... (Tapi last-last dapat 182 je, so pakai ape yang ade, haha.)

And of course kene gak mention yang jahat-jahat nih. Tenkiu kepade backstabbers for making me realize the reality of human relationships is sometimes VERY ugly. Tolong la jangan ingat you bukak mulut pergi cakap kat orang lain ingat that it won't turn around and come back to me. And also those yang feed on other's sympathy, and those yang jump from friend to friend. Paham-paham sudey. Just remember though; KARMA'S A BITCH. Like you.

I have grown over the years (not only in size okay, lempang kang.) and matured wisely (hopefully, lol). I have experienced the worst in friendship, faced the somewhat worst people ever (OMG I AM SO GLAD I WONT HAVE TO SEE YOU AGAIN). Dealt with all kind of emotional issues (haha, asyik-asyik nak cari pasal ngan hani, pastu baik balik). AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE STRESS OF TEST, QUIZZES, ASSIGNMENTS AND THESIS.

Again, thank you ALL.


Nebes D8

Final Results will be out by noon melainkan mesyuarat senat tu dragging on and on and on and on sampai result kuar pun jadi delayed.

Sape yang tunggu result and tak nebes adalah poyo.

Bagi meluangkan masa menanti keputusan, meh layan komik-komik klakar yang exam-related. Haha. *gelak nebes*

This is how I looked like during my one and only final paper.

Muke tunggu hidayat.

Bile tengok komik yang bawah ni teringat time kelas Add Math, setiap kali Pn. Tan tanya "PAHAM KA TIDAK?" lepas blaja chapter baru, Safwan (Safwan ke? tetibe tak sure, LOL) mesti tanya, "Apa function blaja ni?" Pastu Pn. Tan mesti kait-kaitkan dengan kijo di masa hadapan.

Pn. Tan, sejak saya habis skolah sampa skarang, tak sentuh dah kalkulator saintifik tu. Skarang pakai kalkulator henpon je. Nak kire discount baju sale. LOL.

Haha, four wheel drive, geddit? XD

Okay, ni rupe aku skarang:

Okay FINE, aku bukannye dudok tas katil dengan ikat rambut tocang 2. Ganti katil ngan sofa and depan TV and laptop skaligus.

Ha'ah, multitasking.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Kami Wondercats

Fuhhhh.. Tebal gile debu kat blog bile lama tak update.. (Ececece, tapi refresh setiap hari dok stalking blog orang laen, pffttt.)

Sebenonye member 3 orang datang dari semenanjung cuti-cuti Malaysia 4 hari 3 malam. Aku sebagai tour guide yang tegar telah bawak diorang ke merata tempat. MERATA OKAY. Aku dengan sorang lagi member Cat (Kuching) aku, si Juliza Juliet. :p

Antara on the list of tenpat wajib gi lawat is Sarawak Cultural Village, Kedai Kek Lapis, Muzium-Muzium yang patut, Pasar Satok and opchos Serikin. Bwahahahahaha.

And disebabkan kamera besar ade 2, maka total gambar 4 hari 3 malam mencecah 800 keping. Ye, kami camwhores yang tegar.

Aku nak upload ke FB pun tak wat-wat, apatah lagi nak upload ke sini, so I leave you guys dengan satu gambar chumil je:

Okay, sape nak volunteer copy paste muke kat kucing last tu? XD

BTW, kitorang abuse abang kat kaunter untuk tlg ambik gambo nih. Ngahahaha.


Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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