Monday, April 30, 2012

I Haz It

Decided to reward myself.
Been playing with it nonstop. 

The New Ipad.

I named it Tamago-chan.

As in egg in Japanese.

Because you know, it's white.

Like an egg.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Busy Busy Bug

It's that time of the semester when all you can post are photos because your brain is too dead by the end of the day to think up comprehensible stories to post.

Super busy.

Meetings, Final Exam discussions, Student Assessments, marking their homeworks etc.

So expect pretty boring entries for a while.

Come on everybody give me some of your energy supply~ *buat gaya Goku kumpul tenaga dalam DragonBall*

But simple things that do bright up my day:

Being an avid Star Wars fan, I love this 9182347912748917319 times. 

Let's join the Dark Side, they have cookies. LOL. XD

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


*throws a tantrum*


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Because There is Always Hope


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, April 16, 2012

E-Day: My Mini Dais

Fine, it wasn't that mini. I was surprised to see how elaborate it was. I didn't remember the photo I used as an example to be THIS extravagant! Honest! I was gobsmacked with the end result! I love it nonetheless though!

Now the challenge is that my solemnization dais would have to be a bit more grand than this one. Ohnoes.

The dais was really cheap! I specifically asked for a simple and cheap dais! Just because it's only for an engagement. I guess Pak Bek and Kak Neng from the bridal was feeling super generous in giving me this! I feel so blessed! :')

It doesn't look that big here, but I swear it was HUGE. Way more than I expected it to be.

The colours are really random, and though my attire was baby blue and white, I didn't want the flowers to be all blue and white. Tak nak tenggelam dalam bunga, nanti tetamu dok cari-cari si perempuan yang bakal bertunang. Haha, Alhamdulillah, everything was pretty!



Friday, April 13, 2012

E-Day: Hantaran Lelaki - Perempuan

There were 13 from his side to mine.. All professionally decorated. Huhuhuhuhuhu.

List of Hantarans Received:

1. Chocolates - OMG YAY.

2. Sirih Junjung

3. Al-Qur'an & Sejadah - The sejadah is so soft and prettyyyyy~

4. Tanda Bertunang - RM80 in new 50 cents coin! Goldddddd!!!! OMG I THOUGHT THEY WERE CHOCOLATE COINS AT FIRST! lol.

5. Watch and Engagement ring - matching watch to his watch :D

6. Kek Lapis

7. More Chocolates and a super cute towel set - The towel is sooo adowable. It has bears and is called ARIGATO. OMG HOW CUTE IS THATTTTTT???

8. Fruits

9. Perfume - Marry Me! by Lanvin. Don't you just love the name? And it smells SO GOOOOODDDD!

10.  Kain pasang and telekung sembahyang

11. Baju akad nikah - also baju siap, asked Kak Neng from Petra Bridal for help with the beaded details. :)

12. Clinique Facial Set

13. Shoes and Handbag - Charles & Keith

And of course the Watikah Pertunangan in form of a scroll

I love my stuff. XD


Thursday, April 12, 2012

E-Day: Hantaran Perempuan - Lelaki

There were 15 from my side to his side. Originally it should have been 9, but oh well, sedara dah muah hati nak tambah, layankan je la. :) Thank you by the way!

Dulangs were rented from Chu, gubahan was sendirian berhad. I tried my best.

List of the Hantarans given:

1. Sejadah - Learnt to gubah this from Majalah Pengantin. Whee.

2. Baju akad nikah - Baju Siap dari Semua House

3. 3 kek lapis and 1 kek telur - Kek Telur is Nenek's trademark. Kek lapis were courtesy from my aunt who owns Mariam's Cake House in Kuching. :)

4. Fruits - There are pomegranates, dragon fruits, apples, oranges, pears.

5. Watch - Polo was on sale at Jusco

6. Songkok and samping - my pride and joy is that I managed to gubah kain samping jadi bunga ros. Bangga.

7. Hugo Boss Perfume Set - got 'em on sale! :D

8. Clinique facial set for Men - So many samples too! Akak keje kaunter Clinique kat Sogo rupanya orang Bau. So generous with us bila tau sama budak Sarawak. Hehe.

9. Padini work attire - Sogo Mega Sale ftw.

10. Chocolates! - Mixture of Cadbury with Toblerones and Hersheys. The round base is actually a tin of Danish Butter Cookies! :D

11. Alain Delon Shoes - bough this with the Sogo vouchers we earned from buying our beauty products!

12. Camel Belt and Wallet - Sogo. Again. Tapi lupe letak gambar. Nah.

Next post will be on the hantarans that I received! :)


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gasp! I am Engaged!

It was a beautiful day, celebrated with closest friends and families.
I have never felt so loved and cherished, being surrounded by people who mean so much to me.
Thank you to all that made it happen. :)

E-Day posts will be coming up for the next few days! :D


Friday, April 6, 2012

One More Day...

...To be engaged! :)

Have prepared multiple things, multitasking and pushing my body  to its limit these past two weeks.

Been so busy!!! =_=

Have been juggling my workload AND my engagement preparations. NOT easy. Sepanjang minggu selsema. I have been chugging down flu pills and paracetamols like they're candies. OTZ

Please God let me be healthy tomorrow! :(

Let's see:

Engagement Invites - Check (sendirian berhad with help from le boyf and le Chu)
Stuff for hantaran - Check (bought them during our KL trip back in January)
Gubahan Hantaran - Check (sendirian berhad btw. sila jangan gelak tengok gambar nanti.)
Baju - Check (baju siap, simple jerrr.)
Tudung - Check (pinjam mak nye. :p)
Shoes - Check (bought it like last year, 70% off. haha,)
Small bouquet - Check
Mini Dais - Check
Zikir - Check
Catering - Check
Photographer - Check

OMG why do I feel I'll be missing out on somethinggggggggg???

It's a good thing it's a public holiday to day in the Borneo side. Good Friday ftw. At least I can get SOME rest. Oh who am I kidding? Obviouly banyak bende kene siapkan. *headdesk on repeat*

Oh well, here's to hoping for all the best! The next time I'll be posting here will be as someone's fiance! ZOMG.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

E-Day is getting closer! 


Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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