Friday, June 10, 2011

Stalking 2AM (Part 4)


Ohnoeeeeessss... Right after the showcase ended, Kak Zura asked us if we wanted to head off to KLIA to watch them fly off since they were leaving that very night. XD

Hey, as long as someone's willing to drive back and forth, I have no problem with that.

So there we were, Nurul, Chika, Kak Dina, me and Kak Zura driving us at the speed of lightning (haha, tipu gile) to KLIA! Fangirling our asses off in the car of who looked cute when during the showcase. Hehehehehehehe. Jinwoon btw was super adorable. 8D

After quite an amount of waiting, the guys checked in to the international area, screaming fangirls all over the place. Including me, LOL.

Seulong wearing shorts. LOL. And JoKwon's studded backpack. Double LOL.

The pose in the lower middle pic is inspired by Kwonnie's pose for the stage game. YES, KKAPKWON FREAKIN' EMERGED IN MALAYSIA I WAS OVER THE FREAKING MOON SCREAMING MY ASS OFFFFFF~ okay, only fans will understand the excitement. 8DDD

The moment their plane took off, we all went to Burger King and discussed the events of the past 2 days. Somehow it felt like a dream, there I was, all the way from Kuching, got to be within less than 1 meter from the boys, have my album signed, and hear them perform LIVE.

Seriously, we were all rather emotional talking about it. I guess the feeling is really overwhelming, especially with these friends who I have known for a few years from the (surprise!) Arashi fandom. It's amazing how we stick together through and through.

We've already made a pact, that if there ever was to be a 2AM concert, we'll be waiting before sunrise!!! Yes, we're crazy that way. 8D

2AM. See what you have done? LOL.

Oh, here's a video of us airport stalking. 8D

Shameless squealing is a must. yes again, that's me screaming JOKWOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN~!!!!!!!! XD


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