Friday, March 18, 2016

Oh Hello There

Hello 2016!

Two years has passed by, and I didn't make time to fill out this dusty 'ol blog, despite being an avid stalker of everyone else's blogs.

Travelled much? It has been an eventful 2 years where I have travelled to Japan twice (I really need to blog about my travels so I can share my tips and tricks of the trade), went to Bandung, KL a few more times, etc.

How's marriage life so far you ask? I have been married for 4 years to the man I have known for 12 years now, and despite our ups and downs, I love him with all my heart.

Any plan for kids yet? We are trying, so please keep us in your prayers. It has been quite a stressful time when people keep asking about it, though I know it is out of kindness and curiosity. I think I feel the utmost stressed out is when my parents and in-laws are asked that question. My dad especially would love to have a kid around the house again. So it does break my heart a little bit every time I think about it.

But nevertheless, I am now under the care of a great gynaecologist after seeing several (and having lack of chemistry with), I finally feel that with her I might actually have a chance of getting preggers soon. So we will keep on trying! Ganbarimasu!!!

Hopefully happier news will be posted in this blog sooner or later.

Amin. :')


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