Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marche! Muy Caliente!

Erm, the Marche Restaurant at the Curve is Mexican, right? At least the word Marche sounds Mexican to me.


Everytime pegi The Curve, I have been dying to try it out because it looks so pretty and colourful from the outside, what with the green cow statue and the fancy wooden dining tables with pretty red-checkered table cloths, sangat attractive!

As I brought my family to KL two weekends back, my dad was asking where would I'd like to eat since he's buying dinner. Of course I rubbed my hands gleefully together and answered, "erm, MARCHE." NGAHA.

Now Marche has a really weird system when it comes to ordering food. First of all, you are given this pamphlet with boxes on it for all types of courses and beverages. Basically, you have to go around and order your food. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the pamphlet/form. ARGH FAIL. OTZ

Inside Marche, they have different foodstalls which serve different food; one would sell pasta, another would be salad, crepes, grill, dessert, drinks, etc. So you go to each stall and tell them what you want, hand them your pamphlet and they will stamp your order on the box of their designated foodstall item. Say you order cheese crepe, they stamp it in the appetizer box. HECK I HAD IT AS MY MAIN COURSE AND IT WAS YUMMEH AND FILLING.

Dem. *wipes drool*

I had cheese crepe with sauteed mushroom (the cheese dipping sauce sangat to die for okeyhhh), my dad had a salmon caesar salad (with tons of yummeh salmon!!!), my mum had grilled steak, and my brother had rosti with beef bacon with a side of sour cream (the sour cream siyes sedap gile).

I think I can make rosti at home. I just need to shread potatoes. But where the hell can I find sour cream in Kuching???? Hm. I wonder if Cold Storage has it. *planning mode*

I miss Marche already. I'LL BE BACK MARCHE!!!!! 8DDD


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