Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just For Laughs

cute baby animals - Acting Like Animals: Gotham's Meowst Beloved Hero

You are crazy if you can look at this photo with a straight face.

I mean c'mon...




Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Got My Passes!!!

Got an MMS from my pal Julez who went to pick up our pre-booked passes that we lined up for 5 hours to get a few weekends back:

Hello Kwonnie. Hello Seulong. Hello Jinwoon. Hello Changmin. Please serenade me.
*is bricked*

BTW, apparently stage game passes were only available for the first 16. SIXTEEN!!!! Can you imagine the close proximity those 16 will be with 2am????? *faints*

Now I just want Meet and Greet passes or Press Conference passes would be nice too.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Family. Arashified.

It's not a big secret that I am a huge huge huge huge *repeat huge for 8942878493293 times* fan of Japanese boyband Arashi. It's so obvious that you can relate Arashi with me directly. LOL.

Last month, Malaysian Arashian organized a T-Shirt sale where 100% of the profits will go to the Red Cross foundation for Japan Quake Relief.

At the end of the sale, we raised nearly RM5,000! I was so bloody proud to be a part of it. I bought one for each of my family members and my dad loved it so much he made us do a photoshoot. Haha.

Plain Awesomeness XD

Oh and those who tend look down on such awesome fandom, the international Arashi fanbase who organised the Arashian Quake Relief fund, managed to raise USD20,000 from fans all over the globe.

Say what you want to say, the fandom is just hearts and rainbows. And we're going at it at full force! =)


Monday, April 25, 2011

What Time Is It? It's 2AM!!!

Yes, 2AM is coming to Malaysia in less than a month! And I am going to be there!!!! 8D

It was purely coincidental that getting the pre-booked passes for the showcase, autograph session and the stage game was on the same weekend of my family vacay in KL.

Or maybe it was fate??? Fate for me to finally meet JoKwon and ask him to marry GaIn and continue with We Got Married??? XDDD

My reviews on WGM can be found here and here. It's a must watch for those who love romantic comedy in a reality setting. Oh wow, now I feel like rewatching it again. XD

I woke up at 5.15 am, and got to LRT Taman Bahagia around 7.15am, arrived at One Utama at 7.40am with fellow fangirl Julez (who I have known from the Arashi fandom).

There were less than 20 fans waiting at that time, so I wasn't worried. My other friends came around 8 and all of us were in line and ready to go.

But oh yes, the line only opens at 11am.

Yep, a lot of time was spent waiting and chatting our asses off. When the line finally opened, apparently most of the people in front of me were there to buy tix for their friends too. I was like WTF WILL THERE BE ENOUGH???

Good news, I got the Autograph pass and the Showcase pass.
Bad News, the Stage game passes were GONE.

I was so depressed. OTZ

But I decided to look at the bright side and be thankful that I even got the autograph passes. =)

Major camwhoring with the passes after waiting 5 freaking hours in line!!! XD


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Must. Watch. GANTZ. (T__T)

There is no reason why I shouldn't be watching this. First Arashi-affected movie in Kuching. MUST. WATCH!!!!!!!! D8

*insert random fangirl squealing here*

WTF. MBO's not showing it anymore... So far the other two local cinemas are still showing it...

*fingers crossed*


Monday, April 18, 2011

Student Again XD

Whew, just returned from a tiring weekend, but there's no time to rest despite the semester has ended.

I have recently been selected along with my few other colleagues to get a Diploma in Teaching and Learning.

Back to being a student while teaching intersession at the same time? Oh wow, I'll be having less free time evarrrr!!! T__T

However, my friends and I who have a bachelor's degree in education are trying to get exceptions from some of the courses since we have studied most of the courses. There's not really much point in learning them ALL over again.

Wouldn't have mind it that much if we were not involved with teaching the intersession semester students. Then the schedule won't be so hectic.

This is going to be a busy year.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Damien!!!!

A birthday post for a birthday boy!!!
(eh, boy lagi ke ha umor ko tu? *is bricked* LOL)

Ironiknya, this picture was taken on my birthday. XD

To a wonderful friend who though I have only gotten to know for a short time as my cubicle neighbour at work, you are one of the craziest fun person I have ever known. In many ways you remind me of Hani Bani. Haha, which is why I constantly say you are like the male version of her. XD

You are passionate about your work (and everytime I enjoy popping my head over your cubicle just to annoy you at it) and I think what I enjoy most is your never-ending supply of stories you tell (tetiba teringat cita Thai prostitution and the SETOOOPPPP incident, LOL).

You are one of the most knowledgeable friends I have (though not all your knowledge are super useful, haha) and I enjoy your company because you always tell me something to laugh about (walaupun bak kata Haslina keadaan kita kadang-kadang mengundang spekulasi, haha).

Oh, and who can ever forget our controversial dialogue of the lousy internet connection??? XD *inside joke*

You are one of the most cheerful people I have ever met and you bring a smile to anyone's face with your cheekiness.

Haha, should someone at your age still be THAT cheeky???

You are my awesome buddy and I am so happy to have gotten to know you in my lifetime! =)

Happy Birthday Damien, wishing you all the joy in life, the best of health and the abundance of wealth! =)

P/S: He will kill me if I put his age here, so.... Haha. XD

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last Friday, my class was canceled at the last minute when my students who were taking BioTech revealed that they have to leave in half an hour for this super duper important experiment.

Since 80% of my students in the class were from BioTech, well, there's no point really of teaching mere 5 students and having to do it all over again, so I canceled it and planned a replacement class yesterday at 5 to 7pm.

To be honest, I was dreading it. I had class from 10am to 12pm and 2-m to 4pm. And now 5pm to 7pm?? *pengsan*

Surprisingly, though I halfheartedly left my office with all my teaching materials, while I was walking down the stairs, I saw my students all waiting at the open area, unsure of which class we were going to use.

THEY WERE WAITING. And they are definitely rarely the early birds to class.

I was like, "what are you guys doing out here?"

"We were waiting for you sensei" "Sensei kita blaja sini je la sensei!"

And then I went, "Wow, you guys actually came early and waited out here? I am so proud of you guys!!!"

Then they were all smiles and laugh. Y U GUYS SO ADORABLE LAAAAA~ *glomps and squishes her Group 13 students*

This was the point that I realized how much I enjoy teaching. With students like them, it's hard not to. And the replacement class turned out to be one of the most fun class we have ever had. =)

Gah. I am so going to miss all of my first batch of students. I already memorized their names.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crap. No Voice Today. D8


I have been having problems yesterday, but since I was being observed, I went all out in making my voice loud and clear. Well, things just got worse.

I sound like a cross between some female Rock Star and a kid who inhaled too much helium gas from a floating balloon. Sometimes I sound super cool and macho, other times I'm squeaking like an idiot.

Thank God there's no class today. (=____=)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Movie Weekend!


Hop is omaigod so dem cute!!!! I had no idea it was going to be the mix-in-reality type of animation (ala Alvin and the Chipmunks) coz I didn't even bothered with the reviews or trailers. I just saw the poster and went "OHMAIGOD CHOMEL GILE MESTI TENGOK!!!!" Yes, I am weird and awhsum that way. Haha. All in all, it was a fun movie to watch, the OST is going to be awesome because the music definitely rocks!!! James Marsden was super cute in this, drool worthy opchos! However, the downside is you start craving for chocolates and all those sweet stuff after watching it. =p


OHEMMGEE WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH THIS ONE????? Any Malaysians who hasn't watch this is definitely missing out. BEST LOCAL PRODUCTION EBAAARRRR!!!! I was so dem proud that when the credits started, I clapped like an idiot at all the local names popping up on the screen. Seriously, it was super professional, script was well-written, and the cinematography, OH THE CINEMATOGARPHYYYYYYY~!!!! *sighs happily* KRU, you should be proud with this baby. I have never been so awe-struck with a local production like I was while watching this. I am proud to be a Malaysian. =')


Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday, C'mon!

funny pictures - Morning.

Oh who are we kidding??? LOL.

I have just 2 more weeks before the semester comes to an end and I have one and a half more chapter to go, and then I can do my drilling!!!!!

I must do drilling for the students! It's my utmost important thing to do before their finals! D8

Eventhough I do drilling in every class, I am hoping that I will have the time to do an intensive Japanese Language drilling on our final class and then I can leave the rest up to them! Phew.

My students so far have done really well. Yes, there are the few odd ones here and there, but I know they are trying their darndest. =)

I just want them to have a memorable course with me and love the language as much as I do.

I have faith in them. For my students, I will give my all! GANBARIMASU!!!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunday Part 2! With Lin-chan!

Lin-chan is my gojes friend from work with an equally gojes voice.

Which is why her friend registered her for a karaoke competition at Tun Jugah, LOL. Of course, being overly enthusiastic about simply everything with friends joining in competitions, I just had to go all out and make her a banner and support the living daylights outta her. Hahahaha.

Check out the banner my dad helped me with! =D

Yes, the stage was super small. But I really have to do a big shoutout to one of the contestants, Abang Hafiz, who seriously had a gorgeous voice. His rendition of Faizal Tahir's 'Hanya Satu' was seriously TOO GOOD!!!! =D

Oh, and I just had to cheer everyone since it seemed unfair and kinda depressing when you're up there without any cool supporters (like me). So I just went woot woot and weewiit to every contestant and clapping my ass off, LOL.

So guess who got personal mention as penonton paling sporting? Hahahahaha. XD

P/S: Oh, it's April Fool's Day! Please don't fool me, I'm so gullible. (=__=)


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