Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Raya 2014 in Photos

Had a blast! Ate a lot! Drank a lot! Avoided "when are you getting preggy?" questions a lot!

First day raya with the hubs' family! 

#cheesyselfie for raya's #ootd

BFF came for second house raya. Which is rare because being a doctor, she is not always around during Raya. And to think next week she is being posted in Saratok! :( Gotta find someone else to go on a sushi binge. 

Couldn't decide what to wear so I wore a black maxi dress with a male kimono top tied with a gold obi-like waist ribbon.

Family photo shoot day with hubs's family! #celcomblue

Wore my instant shawl from for the first time. Have a love-hate relationship with it really. XD

Visited BFF's baby Mayya TWICE. And most probably will be visiting again 23847923479274 times. LULZ.

Weird faces for Raya. Bottom right is my favourite. Obviously. PFFTTT.

Went to visit pregnant EVA with sister in law with hopes that her pregnancy is contagious. Wish me luck guys! And lots of prayers for us too! :3

Mum turned 51 on 5th Syawal! Okay so it looks 15 in the photo. XD

With adorable Alisya who got excited seeing herself in the phone's front camera. 8D

Not so excited when my younger sister in law joined in the photo. "WAIT. WHO DAT?" D8

Visited Iyori-chan and bid farewell to our work colleague and my fellow Japanese Language Teacher, Mayu Sensei. Iyori-chan, Y U SO GRUMPY. Haha!

How was YOUR raya? (^_^)


Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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