Friday, March 30, 2012

My E-Day Card

In delivery mode! :)

Anime Characters by The Future Fiance/Husband
Card Design by Chu Majorflava
Cutting, Corner-Cropping, Ribbon-Tying, Ribbon-Gluing by Me


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome Home Salmi!!! =D

Another friend is home!
She is the reason I chose the date for my engagement!
I wanted her to be here! :')


After a flight trouble which caused her to arrive 3 hours later than she was supposed to, she is now home for good! Can't wait to have her start working here in Unimas!!! :D



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Birthday Mini Surprise

I love my Office Wing!
Wing 4 is always full of love and rainbows!
We have unicorns, Nyan Cats, and singing Oreos here.
Submerged yourselves in our sea of Nutella!

There I was with my Jacob cracker halfway in my hot Milo when Haslina and Melisa surprised me with a small cake! Haha. I was so surprised that I left my cracker in my Milo!!! LOL!

Love you guys!!! *glomps everyone*


Monday, March 26, 2012

Pian's Wedding

A beautiful blue and white wedding! I flew in on Friday noon, and stayed over at Hani's aunt's place.

So I basically saved a lot. You know, since I am on a budget. I am so proud! *pats back*

Photos and photos of the wedding! :D

We were one of the early birds at the wedding considering we were actually rather late. But oh well, the food was ready to be eaten anyway! :D The dais was really pretty! Simple and elegant! I love the contrast of black and white with the bright blue and white decorations!

If you notice, there are two pairs of chairs! Pian's sister also got married! So they saved a lot by sharing the same day for reception! Brilliant! :)

There were also two wedding cakes! One was blue with white decorations, the other was white with blue decorations!  I loved the favors! There was baulu in a box and also a chocolate lolly, which by the way was so yummeh!!! It was half melting, just the way I like it!

And the catering deserves multiple thumbs up! Love love loved it! Papadom. My forever addiction. Serve me papadom for the rest of my life I will die a happy woman.

The newlyweds! Okay, the photo of me pointing to him was me saying "WEIH AKU DAH DATANG WEDDING KO, YOU BETTER COME TO MINE!" Hahahahahaha~

Demand dowh. XD


Friday, March 23, 2012

New YT Addiction - Ellen :)

I have always ALWAYS loved Ellen Degeneres!

She is funny as hell! I used to watch her every day when her show was shown on Star World! They should bring back the awesomeness!

Her show is always so fun and entertaining! I dare you not to smile or laugh while watching it.

Then I discovered her channel on YouTube. It was like a ray of light beaming on me when I found it.

And then started the late nights and lack of sleep because I am constantly watching clips from her show and LMAO in my room. Hahahahaha.

I think my favourites would be the segments on Clumsy Thumbsy, What's Wrong with These Photos?, Great As Seen on TV Products  and also the Oh, Come On! And watching her scare her guests are just too awesome.

Megan Fox being scared of a banana. OMAIGOD IT'S SO FUNNEH. HAHAHAHA.

Here is one of the clips from Clumsy Thumbsy:

Damn Autocorrect! Haha! XD

Plus, did you know she was the one who discovered Greyson Chance? :)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

JPO - Johor Premium Outlet

Went here during my trip to Ai-chan's wedding! Can you believe I was able to go there twice despite of my less than 40 hours in Johor? Haha.

The things shopping can do to you. XD

It totally looks like those cool American outlets. It felt like a whole new place the moment we stepped in!

Okay, photos are sucky because we went at night. The next day I was too lazy to take photo and was too into shopping my ass off with the amount of time that I have, huhu.

That's why we have Google Images, duh.

Looks awesome right? Okay, if you are thinking of heading over there, here are some tips!

If you are on a budget, say RM100, shops I'd suggest you head over to immediately are the Padini outles, Cotton On outlet and the food court. Haha. Cotton On is really awesome here. SUPER CHEAP!

Food, please try out the BBQ stall in the food court! Super yummy!!!!

However, if you have more money to throw away spend, feel free to walk in all the shops like a boss! haha!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, March 19, 2012

Ai-Chan's Wedding in Johor

A long delayed post. Been so busy with the semester starting and kasjlakjdsksajdlaksdf. :(

Let's start off with my favourite photo of the bride!!! 8D

Too adorable!!!! XD

The theme was green, white and pink, and also blooming sakuras! Ai-chan is one of my friends that I have known from the JPop group Arashi local fandom. And we all started of small when Arashi was in the early stages, so everyone grew close. I was there with a bunch of other fangirls! We booked this huge family room and stuffed everyone in it. Haha! :D

Meet the Arashians! (the Seniors! since there seems to be a new growth of younger fangirls who just started getting into them, hehe.)

I know, we're such a bunch of camwhores. That's why we go take purikuras a lot.

Some shots of the wedding! :)

It was a beautiful ceremony, and almost all of us teared up during her solemnization. Huhu. And by the way, the food was oh so gooooodddd~

Beriani (super long rice), with assortment of beef curry, mutton curry, chicken curry kdsjkkaljdsalkjdas. I'm drooling already. And you get to choose from 8 types of drinks! WOW. I WAS SO SPOILT FOR CHOICE. My friends and  I kept heading back for refills of each type, just to taste 'em, haha.

Some photos with the newlyweds!

Check out the sign held by Kak Dina in the third photo; "Lots of <3 from Arashians". Love my fellow fangirls!

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Ai-Chan! ^^

P/S: Thanks to Chu for the lovely watermark! I love it!!! :D


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Quarter of a Century

I found this while searching for birthday LOLCats and thought it was funny to put up here today:

I LOL-ed.

Alhamdulillah, I get to enter my quarter of a century in good health and mind. A lot will be going on for me this year; for instance, this could be my last birthday as a single girl. Huhuhuhuhuuuu~

No more hanky panky on my birthdays then. 

And also, have you heard or seen the new Ipad??? No, it's not an Ipad 3, it's called the new Ipad. I know. It's so confusing. :\

But it's so pwetttyyyyyyyy!!!! God, I'm such a sucker for ads. =_=

Thus up comes a LOLCat meme that I personally created for this day. Here's to hoping my parents get to see this on my bwog:

Then again, just because they'll see this doesn't mean they'll get it for me. Haha.


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