Thursday, March 22, 2012

JPO - Johor Premium Outlet

Went here during my trip to Ai-chan's wedding! Can you believe I was able to go there twice despite of my less than 40 hours in Johor? Haha.

The things shopping can do to you. XD

It totally looks like those cool American outlets. It felt like a whole new place the moment we stepped in!

Okay, photos are sucky because we went at night. The next day I was too lazy to take photo and was too into shopping my ass off with the amount of time that I have, huhu.

That's why we have Google Images, duh.

Looks awesome right? Okay, if you are thinking of heading over there, here are some tips!

If you are on a budget, say RM100, shops I'd suggest you head over to immediately are the Padini outles, Cotton On outlet and the food court. Haha. Cotton On is really awesome here. SUPER CHEAP!

Food, please try out the BBQ stall in the food court! Super yummy!!!!

However, if you have more money to throw away spend, feel free to walk in all the shops like a boss! haha!


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