Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Atuk and Tudung Baru :p

Yesterday was atuk's behdey yang ke berape ntah (haih, cucu dah lost track of everyone's age.. sori.. m(_ _)m) So today he called to ask me and my adik to have a small celebration (more like big lunch with a cake laaa..)

So the first thing that came to my mind was, "hmm, ok, leh try tudung baru, ngehngehngeh.." XD

And because tudung ekin tu is a bit tight and mata pun macam sparuh je nampak sebab awning nak tutup sparuh muka, terpakse la modify dulu. Haha, modify. Macam nak modify kereta jak bunyi nya. XD

Haa... I am not that much of a tailor, so please ignore the lousy sewing.. ("-_-) What I did was bukak sikit jahitan kat muka and then jahit balik so nanti kalau pakai tak la terbukak terus smue jahitan kat situ. Haha. :p

Ni plak by request from Kak Zie yang photogenic. XP

Gambar perasmian tudung baru. ^^

Pipi tembam macam pau inti kari ayam. (T3T)

Birthday lunch atuk comprised of nasik briyani Bukhari Cafe yang feymas emas dengan kek kedai Mita yang kiut Haha! Besh besh besh~

My other half is back from his Induction Course in Mukah. Yeyyyy.. ^^


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PosLaju Alert! ^^

Today I impatiently waited for my order to come.. :D
On Sunday I bought two tudungs from Sarah Boutique. Tudung cantik-cantik and reasonably priced compared to other blogshops, so rambang mata... XD

I practically jumped of my chair when I heard the honking of the PosLaju Van.. Mesti abang posmen ingat sengal gile. ;p

My bungkusan wheee~

Membukak parcel poslaju, the happiness equivalent to membukak hadiah.. Except that you know what you'll be getting.. Ngeeeehhhh~ ;p

Wah.. menarik... Siap ada thank you note lagi.. Sweet.. "Thank You Dear for your Order".. And siap ade resit plak tu.. First time dapat mendalah gini from online shopping.. :3

Which tudung did I order? Haaa.. These two.. Nak beli lebih tapi takut tak cun dengan saiz kepala ku yang besar dari normal.. ("-_-)

Ni tudung hawa yang ade diamond kat bahu.. Sangat cantek... And I like the size.. Just nice for my big head. :D Nak pakai ni untuk raya haji la nanti.. Wheee~ :p

Ni plak tudung ekin yg ade diamond warna cream.. Ni plak kecik sket for my head.. Maybe because of the thai silk awning? My head elok pakai full lycra kot.. stretchable untuk my chubby cheeks.. omg.. (T_T)

Skarag sangap pakai instant hijab sebab takyah pakai pin, takyah iron and takyah nak tiup-tiup tudung kasi muncung tajam.. XD


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy! ^^

Today started of boringly.. He had no car and I had no car, so we had to wait until either one of our parents are free to give us a car to go out..

End up going out at 6pm, wth. ("-_-)

I couldn't go out long so we just bought a triple scoop ice cream from "Desserts" (the closest thing Kuching will have to Baskin Robbins T_T) and just sat on a bench and chatted and watched the event on the lower floor, which turned out to be a cat show! :D

Me love cats!!!

And apparently he had a gift for me which he bought during his two weeks course in Perak. X3

Nyaa~ So cute~ :D Tenkiu dear.. :3

Apparently he said that it reminded him of me. Hmm. I see no similarities here. (O.o)

*bricks everyone who says it does*


Friday, November 13, 2009

Went To Visit Granny :)

I soooo adore my other half for doing what he did. I was at home with my brother and texted him that nenek dah masuk hospital. Then he replied, "Ya Allah, kenak?" and I told him all about it.

Then he did the sweetest thing of saying that he'll bring me to the hospital himself and that we'll go and see her together. *all smiles*

Nenek was happy to see us despite the fact that she fell asleep after 10 minutes of our arrival.. XD I love that he is not shy with people and can speak freely with my folks unlike me who is simply a frog under a coconut shell. I blame low self-esteem.

Thank you sayang. :)


Broken Hip (No, Not Me)

Grandma has just been admitted into the hospital. (T____T)
I was told it was due to a broken hip? She slipped in the toilet the other day and it turned out to be more than just a simple bruise. :(

She is recently admitted into Normah Specialist Centre.

Thankfully there were no internal injury which could have made it worst.

Get well soon, Nenek. I want you to see your future great grandkids. ^^



Jumping on the Blogging Bandwagon

Hah, I started a blog. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon. Should I have jumped?

Being the inconsistent person I am at blogging, let's just see how long I will keep this up.

*has every bendable limbs crossed*


Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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