Thursday, December 26, 2013

Busan Haul

Yes, Yes, I know. I have been naughty and abandoning my blog. (=_=)

But, hey, it is the end of the semester and time gets super busy!!! Assessments, keying in marks, filling out the SKT forms, argh.

But hey, enough about my rantings, lets get on with the goodies!

This has been a looooongggg postponed post, but it'll come around now! :D

These are some stuffs I got pressured into buying wasted my money on bought!

An ice cream I bought at 7-11 because I was suuuuper hungry and they had ran out of salmon/tuna onigiri. (=_=) Was really yummy btw! 

This reminded me of Solero Shots! I remember seeing YouTuber Macbarbie07 eating this a lot in her videos. I think this was Cotton Candy flavoured! Yum!

BEST. CHOCOLATE. COOKIES. EVAR. Got this at Daiso for 1200 won. About RM3.60! Instantly regretted not buying 11297319827319 boxes to bring back. According to Lynn, Malaysians totally dig this! They buy like tons of this to bring back. Should have listened to her properly. Damn. 

Sorry. Had sushi cravings. My family cannot get used to Korean food sadly. Totally rejected Kimchi. So Japanese. LOL. THIS WAS BLOODY EXPENSIVE BTW. 

Aaaah. The infamous banana milk! Got this on a buy 2 free 1 offer. 

SO DAMN CHEAP! 20 face masks for rm30!!!! Bought these to give away as souvenirs. My skin is somewhat rejecting them. SO SAD. (T__T)

Etude House sale! That acne set here cost me rm60++. Over there it is RM22. WHATTTTT. BUY BUY BUY. The makeup remover set was RM24. The rest was basically less than rm20. 

FREEBIES. FREE SAMPLES EVERYWHEREEEE. Even if you are merely buying one thing. HAHAHAHA.

Nature Republic Haul. Perfume was only RM45 for a huge bottle! Score. 

Bought the Aqua moisturiser because it is apparently their bet selling product and is compared to Biotherm's Aquasource moisturiser. It is a HUGE tub, and was only RM24. The aloe vera gel is VERY popular there. This was about RM10- RM15. But definitely less than RM20!

Got this super cute long-sleeved shirt for RM21! Steal! I actually bought A LOT of clothes at Gukje Market. Since there were shops like RM10 CLOTHES ONLY! RM20 CLOTHES ONLY! RM40 CLOTHES ONLY! I went mad. Obviously. Thank God the Koreans love loose fitting clothes. MAkes it easier for my chubby fats. XD

Here is me wearing it:

Another shirt I bought. 10,000 won. RM30!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Of course. When in Korea, buy socks! 1000 won each. Only RM3!!!! I wish they had more superheroes though. 8D

BTW if you are on Dayre! Do follow me! *shamless self-promoting moment*


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