Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jalan Gawai!

My first Gawai ngabang!!!

Not really my first, but definitely the first time for me to go to my OWN friend's house! And it was quite an adventure!!! LOL!

I, despite being a Kuching city girl, am crappy with roads. LIKE IMAGINE SOMEONE REALLY BAD AT ROADS, THEN MULTIPLY BY 10. Seriously. I often get asked, "Are you sure you're from Kuching?" I can't help it if I don't get around much. I'm too afraid of getting lost. =__=

So there I was, invited by my hosem buddy Damien to come over to his kampung in Bau. The only times I pass by Bau are when I got to Serikin, usually with dad driving, and me sleeping. *facepalms* So thank you Google Map for providing me the route to Kampung Suba, Bau! 8D

You gotta love technology. LOL.

Since I obviously can't drive and look at the map at the same time, I dragged along my bf to accompany me and ZOMG THANK GOD we didn't get lost. Accompanied by multiple phone calls from Melisa (whose house is across Damien's) we got there safe and sound. And we were warmly welcomed. Yay.

We had fun joking around with some of Damien's work friends from Limbang and made tons of fun of this really crappy drama on TV that was in Sarawak dialect. I couldn't take the storyline seriously!!!! haha!

Then Damien brought us along to his "friend's" home not far from there. Ngahaha. "Friend". Yeah, right Damien. I'd put up his friend's picture but I'm too scared that he'll hunt me down. Buahahahaha.

Text from Damien the moment we left, "Thanks for coming, sik sia-sia ku ngemas rumah."


Fun Gawai!




cute ktk lam gbr ya...hihi

WaWa said...

hehe, makacehhh~

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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