Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stalking 2AM (Part 2)

Okay so I got the autograph session done.

Forgot to mention in the previous post how we waited outside the building after that. The autograph session was really smooth. Imagine this, 400 kids done in 2 hours. That's amazing! Despite getting shoved to the side after each autograph, I was happy!

When we went out we saw the fans already scurrying around the van at the main door. I was curious when I saw the van as I thought, "That's kind of a tiny van for 4 really tall Korean guys and their staff." Plus, there was only one door for the van and it was facing the road, I mean, did they expect the guys to walk around the van? Funny.

Suddenly this Digi guy tipped us off and said that the boys were getting into a van in the basement. That bloody van was a decoy!!!!

So we waited at the parking exit, where they MUST pass by to exit the area. AND WALAWEY, 5 MINUTES LATER THEIR VAN SHOT OUT!

There I was waving like mad, recording in the other hand. Really funny. I saw Seulong squished in the middle, and Jinwoon at the back. They were uber friendly, waving everyone. But that was when the fans waiting at the decoy van went MADDDDDDD.

They practically ran over when they saw my friends and I approaching the van and even crowded around the van when they had to stop at a traffic light not far from there. I MEAN THAT IS JUST CRAZEEEEEE!!!

At least my friends stopped stalking once the van was on the main road.

But I'm happy. I was the first one to notice them and the first one to wave at them right next to the van, so that was my accomplishment! 8D

Here's the vid, rather short, and the van is slightly tinted, but I'm thankful that it's not FULLY TINTED, ngahaha.

Okay, so maybe you can't really see much, here, but basically the guys are in the van, between their staffs and such. Bloody staff tried to cover the windows with their hoodies. Too late~ Bwahahahaha.


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Sal D. Miza said...

hahaha. phl nya x tnted full? plek juak tp cool lah, u x tertipu. hahahah

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