Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Wedding Doorgift

Okay, so I've been busy. Nak bloghopping pun macam pfftt. Please bear with me. (=_=)

Since the photos from my official photogs are not available yet, I thought I'd blog about the other details of my wedding.

For my wedding doorgift, I had browsed a lot of blogs for ideas. I never thought of DIY-ing my doorgift at first because I knew it would require a lot of work and time and well, patience.

I knew how I wanted it wrapped. I love the brown paper bag idea. Love the colour, love how economical it is and especially love the price! I mean you can't go wrong with it being RM5 for a packet of 100! I bought 10 packets, which totaled up to well, RM50.

Single doily was for the normal guests, double doilies were for the VIPs

 The same company also sold a range of doily papers in assorted sizes. I bought the smallest one (though thinking back, I should have gone up a size, haha) which was RM3.50 for 250 pieces. What a steal! I bought 4 packets of that. I actually needed only 700-800 but since they were so cheap, I thought, why not? Plus, some mistakes are bound to happen, better have some back-ups!

I bought the ribbons at a small shop at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in KL which were RM22 for 20 rolls. Love!!! :D I personally chose the colour maroon, because I loved the warmth of it when combined with the colour of the paper bag. :)

The design was sketched by Otto (husband), and designed by Chu, who is also responsible for my wedding invites as well as my engagement invites. Thank you so much!!! Cute and pretty! Love! All I did was set the paper size to an index card size (which was the same size with my paper bag) and paste it at the bottom! Placed the paperbags (5 at a time, or else you'll end up with massive paper jam!! =_=) in the printer and voila! Done! I made about 850 pieces! Remember to give your printer some rest time though. Or else it'll just die on you halfway. Like mine did. Thank God it was okay after an hour or two. (T_T)

Trusty Printer! You have been so helpful!! (T3T)

Sketch by Otto! Design by Chu!


But prices for doorgifts are kerraayyyyzehhhh. I kept multiplying it and gasping at the total. I do not want to waste so much money on stuff that would probably collect dust around my guests' homes.

So I brainstormed some more. One day, I saw my dad writing down our grocery shopping list on a scrap of paper and thought, "That's it! A custom notebook!"

So we headed to Lee Ming Press where my uncle works, and asked for a quote on the price for 800 notebooks, and yay! 70 cents each! Finally, found something that was less than rm2 and actually awesome! :') I felt so grateful for everything!

I stuck to my fun comic book theme and used the same design for my wedding invite as the cover for my notebook! Not only is it one of a kind, it's super useful!!! :D

Love! :)

For B2B, scour everywhere for ideas, sometimes you'll find ideas at the weirdest places and moments! And most of all, don't overspend! You know the money is so much more fun to spend on yourselves than on something that might just end up in a dark corner of a cupboard! Think food, stationary, sweets etc. Economical and much more preferred if you ask me! ;)




loike!!!sama kita k craft paperbag k doorgift...

mawar berduri said...

good idea!boleh bg tutorial x?

~iCh aTiKaH~ said...

can you tell me where you buy those awesome and cheap paperbags?

Najwa H. said...


Check them out here:

Plus their official website:

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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