Monday, April 25, 2011

What Time Is It? It's 2AM!!!

Yes, 2AM is coming to Malaysia in less than a month! And I am going to be there!!!! 8D

It was purely coincidental that getting the pre-booked passes for the showcase, autograph session and the stage game was on the same weekend of my family vacay in KL.

Or maybe it was fate??? Fate for me to finally meet JoKwon and ask him to marry GaIn and continue with We Got Married??? XDDD

My reviews on WGM can be found here and here. It's a must watch for those who love romantic comedy in a reality setting. Oh wow, now I feel like rewatching it again. XD

I woke up at 5.15 am, and got to LRT Taman Bahagia around 7.15am, arrived at One Utama at 7.40am with fellow fangirl Julez (who I have known from the Arashi fandom).

There were less than 20 fans waiting at that time, so I wasn't worried. My other friends came around 8 and all of us were in line and ready to go.

But oh yes, the line only opens at 11am.

Yep, a lot of time was spent waiting and chatting our asses off. When the line finally opened, apparently most of the people in front of me were there to buy tix for their friends too. I was like WTF WILL THERE BE ENOUGH???

Good news, I got the Autograph pass and the Showcase pass.
Bad News, the Stage game passes were GONE.

I was so depressed. OTZ

But I decided to look at the bright side and be thankful that I even got the autograph passes. =)

Major camwhoring with the passes after waiting 5 freaking hours in line!!! XD


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