Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunday Part 2! With Lin-chan!

Lin-chan is my gojes friend from work with an equally gojes voice.

Which is why her friend registered her for a karaoke competition at Tun Jugah, LOL. Of course, being overly enthusiastic about simply everything with friends joining in competitions, I just had to go all out and make her a banner and support the living daylights outta her. Hahahaha.

Check out the banner my dad helped me with! =D

Yes, the stage was super small. But I really have to do a big shoutout to one of the contestants, Abang Hafiz, who seriously had a gorgeous voice. His rendition of Faizal Tahir's 'Hanya Satu' was seriously TOO GOOD!!!! =D

Oh, and I just had to cheer everyone since it seemed unfair and kinda depressing when you're up there without any cool supporters (like me). So I just went woot woot and weewiit to every contestant and clapping my ass off, LOL.

So guess who got personal mention as penonton paling sporting? Hahahahaha. XD

P/S: Oh, it's April Fool's Day! Please don't fool me, I'm so gullible. (=__=)


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Erlinda "Miss Little Town" said...

haha! i didn't know about this entry! cool! hahahah! :P my first and last karaoke competition. malu ku ehhhhh.. :'D

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