Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro!

Happy 16th Birthday to my one and only Brother! (^0^)

One thing for sure is that I'm happy you have limited access to the net so that you won't be able to see this or it'll just spoil all the surprise for you, LOL.

So, you're 16 today, huh? OMAIGOD YOUR SPM IS NEXT YEAR D8 (mood spoiler, LOL)

SPM aside (not to far aside, mind you *waves finger*), I hope that you will enjoy today as much as I had enjoy planning it.

I know how stressed out you have been with your studies and all, and us rubbing it in your faces, LOL, so I thought that as a treat, and also because today is your last school holiday for this term, I'd take you out to the movies and watch a PG rated movie aka Toy Story 3.

I know how we have grown up watching all available PIXAR movies via pirated VCDs and DVDs, so why not as a tribute to the final closure of one of our favourite Pixar movies, and also to celebrate your 16th birthday, we go to the cinema to enjoy it the halal way?

Coz I know how much you envy me going off to the movies, LOL.

And as for your gifts, well, let's just say you know that those awesome gifts from mom and dad? Well I picked them out coz apparently they are clueless of what to get you but I knew what you'd want. :p So I have been picking them out, buying, wrapping them up, filling up the cards etc. So don't bug me that I got you a small one. It's still pricey you know! Pfft.

Just be extra careful when assembling your new (and may I add original? :D) Gundam models, okay bro? ;)

OH, and also, Happy Father's Day, Bapak. :)

You are the most awesome dad any kid could have and I apologise for any rudeness, kurang ajar-ness, stubborness, and all those really negative crappy attitude of mine. Because you deserve all the respect and joy in the world. YOU ARE THE BEST.



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