Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Agh. Nebes Nebes Nebessssssssssssssssss.

Esok ade Intebiu.

Wish me luck!

I hope I get it, because I really like the job. And also my funds are running low. Need $$$ desperately.

If I get it, I'll elaborate more on the job. ;)

But for the time being, wish me all the good luck in the world! ^^

To cheer myself up for this informal interview:

LOL. I so love macros.



Zer.Amir said...

all the best gorgeous! u are so going to get it and berlagak with me later!! =D

WaWa said...

Thanks Zer! <3
But it's only an informal nterview, nanti ade yg formal plak. Agh, takut.

And tak berlagak laaaaa. Hehehehe

peaNut said...

so,,how is ur interview??hehe..hope ktk dpt keja ya k sis..ktk sarawakian juak nk???hihi..sama la kita..visit blog mek lak k..

WaWa said...

Lom da papa kompem gik k.. So sikmok la nak ngeboh sitok.. Tang ada jak sik lucky.. Harap2 dapat la.. :)

Lak mek ngagak blog kitak k.. ;)
Makaseh datang jengok blog kamek. :p

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