Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Mascot :D

I had always wanted a blog mascot for my blog, but I didn't want just any random doll. So lately I have been interested in nendoroid anime dolls since I am a huge fan of animes and basically anything Japanese. XD

So I randomly checked out one of the shops at The Spring and ugh, the price is way too steep for a non-working (yet?) person like me so I decided to postpone buying it.

But. BUT.

Upon returning from my mini vacation I went on a date with my bf to go and watch A-Team, since there were rave reviews for the movie.

So here's how it goes.

He got my brother a belated birthday present, and then he told me he had something for me.

He held out this really small gachapon ball and said that it wasn't anything like the nendoroid doll I wanted but he hoped I could use it for the time being.

I was so touched I didn't really mind it until I saw that there was a note stuck to the bottom of it which read: "Look behind your seat."

And well, really, what else could it be? XD

Awwww. Blue wrapper because he knows how much I love the colour. :')

I still can't believe I own this nendoroid. It was the model that I wanted too! Thank you so much oh my loved one. :'D

Say hello to my blog representative:

Bocchan <3


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