Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Currently Obsessed with...

1. Mister Potato Rice Crisps (Sour Cream and Onion Flavour)

Ni baru makan arini, terus tangkap cintan. The flavour is light and crispy. Dunno about the other flavours but that's also because Sour Cream and Onion is my favourite flavour when it comes to any type of potato chips. Or in this case, rice crisps. 8D

2. Local, home-grown avocado

I am a huge fan of avocados. And this one plak, pokok nye ditanam oleh ayahanda terchenta. It looks different than an ordinary avocado, rite? It's originally from Indonesia, mak bawak balik avocado Indon sekotak, and bijik tanam kat blakang rumah, OH PANDAI. It's bigger, and according to my bapak, it is also creamier. Nyum. Pokok tengah subur skarang ni. YAYAY. 8D'

3. Downloading and Burning DVDs

Skarang tengah catch-up dengan all the movies yang terlepas time blajo. :p And also the TV series!!! So far dah habis tengok 90210. And apparently, Annie in Season 2 is really annoying. I'M JUST SAYIN'. XD

4. Conspiracy and all those jiggly puffs.

Mendalah ni diperkenalkan oleh member. Stuff on the mind-controlling media and stuff. I found the perception on Lady Gaga to be the most fascinating info. Seronok bace, tambah-tambah lagi kekadang rasa berkait jugak dengan dunia hiburan omputeh masa kini. Kadang-kadang seram sejuk jugak bile baca. (ye, saya seorang penakut.) Klik logo kat atas untuk pi ke website die. Nanti bile dah khatam baca, bile tengok movie or music video omputeh, mesti dok teringat website nih nanti. Ngahahaha. So kira macam educating yourself la. Terpulang nak percaya ke tak. I just enjoy reading a lot. :p

5. Ray William Johnson (on YouTube)

Okay, this is like, one of the awesome channels I stumbled upon on YT. HE IS FREAKIN' HILARIOUS, OKAY. And it helps that he is kinda cute, LOL. He has his own twice a week YT video uploads called "Equals Three" where he reviews all the top viral videos. And I've got to say, this guy has made me favourited A LOT of vids after watching his shows. Want to know how much I like this guy's crack? I watched all 108 videos of his "=3" show. AHAHAHAHAHA. *crazy laugh*

Oh, and be prepared to have words like "epic face", "jizz in my pants", "alcoholic dad", "doin' your mom", and "cutest. thing. EVAR!!" stuck in your head. LOL. Click the "=3" above to go to his YT channel. AND SUBSCRIBE!

6. My latest Gizmo Gadget, my heart and soul 83

My LG GD580 aka Lollipop. *cairrrr*

This is the closest I can get to getting the feel of owning a Japanese mobile phone. Okay Fine, it's a Korean product, I said 'FEEL' okayyyyy. Dad said it's the last phone his buying for me (btw, this is a gift due to my final semester results) coz he expects me to get a job and buy my own phones after this. LOL. OKAY DAD, I GET IT. XD


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