Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Happiest Moment

I have only started working slightly over a year now, and I am proud to say that I love my work and what it offers me. It's different than what I expected, but it still gives me the greatest joy.

Earning my first pay was a breath of fresh air; for once I was able to spend on things without the guilt of wasting another person's money. And of course, this then taught me the value of money. 

I promised myself that I would treat my family to something nice, so one night while browsing around AirAsia website, I found cheapo return flights for a certain date.Perfect! I secretly got all my family member's details and bought a weekend getaway flights for all of us. 

As my parents anniversary was coming up soon, I thought of presenting it to them then. So I printed out the tickets, and made an envelope from pretty wrapping paper to put it in. Oh, and I also booked one of the top hotels to stay in, so all expenses paid, basically. =)

My dad was super dumbfounded when he opened it, and it gave me the greatest joy to see them appreciating it. My mum was going over the details and saving it in her planner, haha! My little brother who hasn't gone on a plane for quite a while was also excited, this was my happy moment with them. To be able to afford bringing them on a trip was a great feeling!

Us arriving at the hotel. We are such camwhores. XD
During the trip, the shopping mall facing our hotel had a movie carnival going on, so there were cosplayers everywhere, and movie characters walking around. SCORE!!!! My family are big movie buffs and the one we were most excited to see was PO THE KUNG FU PANDA!!!! Oh the awesomeness!!! The long queue was so worth it. Everyone was enjoying our Kung Fu pose (since everyone before us just basically hugged Po, we thought  creativity should be inserted here. haha). And that is how I got this awesome picture:

(Click to enlarge)

The trip was a lovely weekend getaway, and I hope to get them another trip in the future. =)


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