Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's That Time of the Year!

Couch Potatoes, TV freaks rejoice!!! All our favourite series are back!!!! *dances around with joy*

My Must Watch:

The Big Bang Theory Season 5
Dr. Sheldon Coopeeeeerrrr!!!!! 
How I Met Your Mother Season 7
I really hope the kids finally get to stop listening to Ted's story on how he met their mom eventually. It's a bit dragging now. =_=

Glee Season 3
Just watched 2 episodes but OMG Quinn you asjkdhajksdhjkadhajksdh!

Pretty Little Liars Season 2
The second part of Season 2 will start airing on October 19!!! Hurrayyy!!! 

My Guilty Pleasures:

Desperate Housewives Final Season
Ooooh suspense, Ooooh drama! Oooh! A hot new neighbour! LOL.

90210 Season 4
Naomi kicks ass in this season! Silver is still my favourite! Liam is still hot!!! Eye candies everywhere! =p

My New Addiction:

Masterchef US
I thought Gordon Ramsey was scary until I got to know Joe. I'm super scared of Joe. But he can be so funny sometimes. SOME times. Currently watching Season 2! No spoilers please! =)


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