Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Of Carroms and Choc Fondue

The past weekend was spent with the family doing the most random things at home. 

For one, we played carrom,  which I btw, kind of really suck at. My dad is a carrom champion so it's totally not fair to compete with an amateur like me who plays an average of once in every 2 years. Pfft. I kept saying, "INI TIDAK ADILLLL~" (This is unfairrr!!!) every time he scored points. Which was like in nearly every round. *headdesk*


And my mum seem to be in a chocolate mood and made us chocolate fondue, something she has been longing to do since watching it on repeats of cooking shows she keeps watching on Astro. I'm not sure it's a good thing for my waistline. *pats belly* She chopped up a variety of fruits but my favourite would have to be grapes dipped in chocolate, yum! Too bad we didn't have strawberries. (which btw is about RM24.00 at Giant Tabuan, wtf.)

Mak, if you are reading this, can we have cheese fondue next time? 8D


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