Friday, January 27, 2012

Yummeh Find

This has to be the ultimate dessert that I have discovered in Samarahan area. AND hasil tangan orang Melayu. AND he's a guy!!

It's called a white chocolate mousse and it is sooooooooo sedaaaaappppp!!!

It's RM4 but soooo worth the money and it's really big that I had trouble finishing it! ME. Having trouble finishing something yummeh! WHUT.

I know this post is so random but I wanted to try out my phone function in posting here. Fufufufu~ ☺


♛ Dea Arematt ♛ said...

cney ya??..hoho

WaWa said...

@♛ Dea Arematt ♛
Rah Desa Ilmu ya, dalam My Bazaaria! Pegiiii cerikkkk~!!! XD


my bazaria??kat D.I ka?Nyem ew

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