Friday, January 6, 2012

Japan Trip 2011 - Sweet Paradise

Sweet Paradise is the place to go if you have a sweet tooth! Cakes, chocolates, sweets you name it.  Salmi apparently is a huge fan of sponge cake. How can I not know this OMGIFAILASAFRIEND.

She has been telling me over and over again about this shop with it's all you can eat dessert buffet. It's a bit hefty (around RM50++ if I'm not mistaken) but I tried it out for the experience of it plus the chocolate fountain looked so inviting. Haha.

The shop is really girly, since it is more directed towards female consumers. Everything is either hot pink or colourful. The walls have fancy patterns, the fonts for the shop are all in hot pink and sunny yellow and the rows of cakes are endless. You will be spoilt for choices!!!

I have rarely liked chocolate fountains because all that I've tried before are either too bitter or too sweet and just basically doesn't taste like good chocolate to me. But the one here is absolutely divine! MELTED MILK CHOCOLATE WOOT. I swear, if Salmi could get a bigger bowl than the one provided, she would totally fill up 5 big bowls of it. 
I went for the savoury goodies first; they had rice salad, tomato spaghetti and varieties of soup, all which I enjoyed. And then I went on to the main course of cakes. I'm not a fan of dry sponge cakes, I prefer the more moist types like puddings and mousse cakes which they have so many of! The drinks are free flow, so took advantage of that! XD

The last photo of me up there is my "OMG I CANNOT EAT THIS ANYMOARRR~!!!" Haha, there is a limit to my sweet cravings after all.

Diabetics, please stay away from this shop. FAR AWAY. You have been warned! XD

Check out the awesome website for Sweet Paradise HERE!


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