Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Cat, Thamby - Forever in Our Hearts

My cat, Thamby, passed away recently. It was a very sad event for a cat that have been with us for so long. Some may think of it as exaggerating, overreacting over a pet cat, but really, this is one cat that is not like any other.

Thamby has always been a part of the family. He is the only cat who sits at the table with us.

The only cat that sleeps inside the house at night. And occasionally with me on my bed. :')

Thamby is also the most gentleman cat ever. If the other cats are eating from his dish, he steps away. And waits for them to be done and eats the leftovers.

Thamby is the cat that brings his own newspaper for dinner. My dad was greatly disappointed he couldn't record this before Thamby died. T_T

Thamby is the cat that lies down on your foot to be petted. And then you can push him around with your feet so he becomes a mop-cat. He doesn't even mind. Many friends are witnesses of this.

Thamby is the cat that when you wash your hands at the kitchen sink, he jumps up, sits next to you, and wait for you to give him a glass/bowl of fresh water for him to drink. He also likes his face to be washed by my dad.

Thamby is the quietest cat when it comes to his showers.

Thamby is the kindest cat to kids.

Thamby likes to accompany my dad when he prays.

Thamby likes to snuggle when sleeping. He's either on your lap, or cuddling next to you on the bed. He likes the body heat.

The last few weeks of his life, he had been sleeping with me, cuddling close, before he got really sick due to his kidney failure. The doctor said that he did not have much time to live, but we continued with his treatment with high hopes. But then again, he is already 9 years old, which in cat years is about 50 or 60 years old. 

My mother was the one who stayed with him to his last second. She came inside with tears streaming down her face saying that Thambi had passed away. I couldn't bring myself to look at him because I did not want the last image of Thamby to be him dead. I already cried watching him slowly dying. The following morning, my dad buried him in the heavy rain. (T_T)

Thamby is a cat like no other. I was happy to hear from Maliana, that Thamby is guaranteed a place in heaven, and InsyaAllah, he remembers those who takes care of him during his lifetime.

I thought that was a lovely thought to have in mind. To know that Thamby is in heaven, probably dragging a newspaper around to have his dinner. =')

Thamby, you are dearly missed and forever loved.

I have lots of stories about Thamby if you are interested, HERE.



Anonymous said...

babe,yg pic ur cat dgn sejadah tu cute okeyy..

lynnanuar said...

rasa nak nangis maca tok... :(

WaWa said...

@Nem0 o0h Nem0
jarang tengok kan? :')

WaWa said...

kamek masa naip pun dah beraek mata. :'(

atikah a m said...

sedihnye.. :(

Abdul Hafiz™ said...

Sedih mek nagga gamba tambi dpn pintu ya.. I remember clearly, before i leave your home, he stretch him self in front of the door (and of course he's blocking my path) and i have to push him aside and can't help my self rubbing his tummy with my feet, but thambi gave no facial expression what so ever (>___<)..i miss that tuxedo furball so much.. :')


aie..cian ew.mek dolok pun gila pusak.tapi nak disayang gilak la mati mek jerak menar inang pusak glak.pusak mek d rumah pusak mak mek.ya mek polah2 cam x gago ngannya.coz trauma ngan history lamak.

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