Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 - Wedding Year?

I believe the ultimatum of wedding years is this year. 
I have been getting wedding/engagement invites for 2012 since LAST year.
And have been sending out my invites too. lol.

Let's see.

There's one in February at Kulai, Johor. A fellow Arashi fangirl, Ai-chan. =3

There's one of my guy friends, Firhan,  in March in KL.

Another one in July, Kuching. *cough*Lin*cough*

An akad nikah possibly after raya in KL. Hai Ecot. =p

One of my best friend's engagement in December. (^0^)9

And mine? Hehehehehe.  
*runs across a field of daisies in slow motion*

My engagement will be coming up soon, yet I have already planned 75% of my wedding for later this year.

I have booked my wedding venue since last year, when we confirmed everything with our families. And have already selected my bridal who will be handling everything. Lovelovelove!

Yes, Ladybug will finally tie the knot! 

Gambar ihsan Google XD


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