Monday, March 19, 2012

Ai-Chan's Wedding in Johor

A long delayed post. Been so busy with the semester starting and kasjlakjdsksajdlaksdf. :(

Let's start off with my favourite photo of the bride!!! 8D

Too adorable!!!! XD

The theme was green, white and pink, and also blooming sakuras! Ai-chan is one of my friends that I have known from the JPop group Arashi local fandom. And we all started of small when Arashi was in the early stages, so everyone grew close. I was there with a bunch of other fangirls! We booked this huge family room and stuffed everyone in it. Haha! :D

Meet the Arashians! (the Seniors! since there seems to be a new growth of younger fangirls who just started getting into them, hehe.)

I know, we're such a bunch of camwhores. That's why we go take purikuras a lot.

Some shots of the wedding! :)

It was a beautiful ceremony, and almost all of us teared up during her solemnization. Huhu. And by the way, the food was oh so gooooodddd~

Beriani (super long rice), with assortment of beef curry, mutton curry, chicken curry kdsjkkaljdsalkjdas. I'm drooling already. And you get to choose from 8 types of drinks! WOW. I WAS SO SPOILT FOR CHOICE. My friends and  I kept heading back for refills of each type, just to taste 'em, haha.

Some photos with the newlyweds!

Check out the sign held by Kak Dina in the third photo; "Lots of <3 from Arashians". Love my fellow fangirls!

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Ai-Chan! ^^

P/S: Thanks to Chu for the lovely watermark! I love it!!! :D


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eVa said...

wahhh!! ala2 jepon.. len dr len eyh nya pun pelamin.. kck2! kck watermark d polah chu.. suka ngga nya design hehe

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