Friday, March 23, 2012

New YT Addiction - Ellen :)

I have always ALWAYS loved Ellen Degeneres!

She is funny as hell! I used to watch her every day when her show was shown on Star World! They should bring back the awesomeness!

Her show is always so fun and entertaining! I dare you not to smile or laugh while watching it.

Then I discovered her channel on YouTube. It was like a ray of light beaming on me when I found it.

And then started the late nights and lack of sleep because I am constantly watching clips from her show and LMAO in my room. Hahahahaha.

I think my favourites would be the segments on Clumsy Thumbsy, What's Wrong with These Photos?, Great As Seen on TV Products  and also the Oh, Come On! And watching her scare her guests are just too awesome.

Megan Fox being scared of a banana. OMAIGOD IT'S SO FUNNEH. HAHAHAHA.

Here is one of the clips from Clumsy Thumbsy:

Damn Autocorrect! Haha! XD

Plus, did you know she was the one who discovered Greyson Chance? :)


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