Monday, March 26, 2012

Pian's Wedding

A beautiful blue and white wedding! I flew in on Friday noon, and stayed over at Hani's aunt's place.

So I basically saved a lot. You know, since I am on a budget. I am so proud! *pats back*

Photos and photos of the wedding! :D

We were one of the early birds at the wedding considering we were actually rather late. But oh well, the food was ready to be eaten anyway! :D The dais was really pretty! Simple and elegant! I love the contrast of black and white with the bright blue and white decorations!

If you notice, there are two pairs of chairs! Pian's sister also got married! So they saved a lot by sharing the same day for reception! Brilliant! :)

There were also two wedding cakes! One was blue with white decorations, the other was white with blue decorations!  I loved the favors! There was baulu in a box and also a chocolate lolly, which by the way was so yummeh!!! It was half melting, just the way I like it!

And the catering deserves multiple thumbs up! Love love loved it! Papadom. My forever addiction. Serve me papadom for the rest of my life I will die a happy woman.

The newlyweds! Okay, the photo of me pointing to him was me saying "WEIH AKU DAH DATANG WEDDING KO, YOU BETTER COME TO MINE!" Hahahahahaha~

Demand dowh. XD


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