Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Birthday Mini Surprise

I love my Office Wing!
Wing 4 is always full of love and rainbows!
We have unicorns, Nyan Cats, and singing Oreos here.
Submerged yourselves in our sea of Nutella!

There I was with my Jacob cracker halfway in my hot Milo when Haslina and Melisa surprised me with a small cake! Haha. I was so surprised that I left my cracker in my Milo!!! LOL!

Love you guys!!! *glomps everyone*



mrs. daydeck said...

happy belated birthday wawa.. semoga panjang umo dan dimurahkan rezeki. brapa tahun sudah? hikkkss :D

WaWa said...

@mrs. daydeck

25 taun! huhuhuhu! XD

mrs. daydeck said...

oo pangkat adik kmk.. hehe. kmk 29 (sempat)

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