Monday, December 5, 2011

Amani in Kuching

Izyan Amani is my beautiful niece, daughter of my cousin who I am really close to. The last time I saw her was in February!!! Homygod. Sekarang berjalan macam expert. Argh. I should balik kampung more often!!! (=_=)

Excited tahap gaban when I found out my cousin was bringing her to Kuching! My camera was always near me, capturing every cute moment! She really is a happy baby! She's not a big fan of men though, haha. She was scared of my dad up until the last day of her stay.

She warmed up to me quickly though. I practically grabbed her from my cousin the moment they got off the bus and never let her go until the day dia balik kampung.

Huuu. Siyes sedih lepas dia balik. I even came home early from work just so that I could spend time with her before she goes to sleep at night. Boo. I managed to buy her a dress, new pair of shoes and a big hard book of numbers! Looking forward for her to come back to Kuching!!! ='D


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