Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Tokyo Disneyland (Pt.1)

My Tokyo Series is continueddddddddd~!!!

  1. Super Hotel in Ichikawa-Shi, I totally owe you guys for offering a reasonable price for my stay. Or else we would have slept on the street like wild strays. *cries tears of gratitude*
  2. Since we're going home directly to Salmi's place in Hachioji (which is ZOMG 2 hours away!) we decided to mail our luggage via yamabin, a delivery service that sends your stuff anywhere in Japan! I LIKE! Pretty cheap too! Around RM50 for my huge-ass luggage!
  3. Learning our mistake from yesterday, we bought cheapo food for our hunger cravings later on. Cheap convenient store onigiri FTW.
  4. The moment you enter, this is what you see. A huge Mickey Mouse face garden!!! 
  5. And our first Disney character yay!!! Fairy Godmother!!! I WISH FOR A BILLION YEN PLEASE.

  1. When we saw Eeyore, we both squealed like mad because he was just SO CUTEEEEE!!!!! We both were like, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~ *snuggles Eeyore*
  2. Robin Hood!!!! My favourite!!!! He's not really famous in Malaysia, but I saw the Disney film way back when I was 5 in the UK, and I love himmm!!! Him and Marion so belong together! I love how King John is sucking his thumb because that was what he would usually do when he sulks!
  3. Mega Famous Goofy!!!!! There was a small crowd surrounding him, but heck, we were SO going to get a picture with him no matter what!!  >8D
  4. AND OMG I TOTALLY SQUEALED AT PINOCCHIO!!! He was so adorable! When we asked if we could take a photo with him, he grabbed both our hands and the assistant took the photo for us. Yes, all the photos were taken by the characters' assistants! So nice!!!
  5. And of course, you'd be crazy not to snap a photo of dear ol' Mickey! However, there was a super LOOOOONNNGGGG line for a photo with him so we decided to snap a photo from afar and just awe him from afar. Winnie the Pooh also had a super long line darnit. Favourite characters of Disney are sooo exclusive. LOL.

There are MORE characters to come! In Part 2!!! =D



Alieza Dayasari said...

waaaa bestnya jepun.. ingat korea jer yang super duper... Jepun pun boleh tahan erk....
kena kumpul duit ni....
hihihi...... all the pic make me crazy ... hahahaha

saja singgah2...
usha entry usha iklan...
salam kunjungan.

WaWa said...

@Alieza Dayasari
Jepun memang one of my favourite places to go to! Memang pricey, but the different environment makes it so worth every cent! Love it!

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