Friday, December 2, 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Tokyo Disney Sea (Final)

Finale for my Tokyo Disney Sea. Be reminded the next posts will be Tokyo Disneyland!!! MUAHAHAHA~

  1. Guess who we bumped into at Port Discovery??? ELASTIGIRL from The Incredibles!!! Breathtaking moment because she appeared out of nowhere!!! LOVE HER!!!
  2. American Waterfront. Titanic!!! Missing one chimney though, but who cares!!! It's still awesome!!!
  3. Salmi bragging with her Duffy (Disney Sea main character) Popcorn basket. Milk Tea flavour btw. Really tasty!
  4. I love this view!
  5. Broadway Alley! It's like old school New York! Not that I've ever been to New York. Haha.
  6. Check out my new ride. XD

  1. Still had some time so we went back to Mermaid Lagoon and rode the Blowfish Balloon Race. It just spins around but we loved it anyway!
  2. Fun mirrors!!! This made us look super tall and slim. MUAHAHAHA. Can I have one for my room too please??? *in denial mirror*
  3. It was dark outside so I got Salmi to switch on her ears. LOL. I won't lose her in the crowd with that flashing. 
  4. (up to photo 6) As we left Mermaid Lagoon, it turns out there was a parade going on! Hurrah! Lots of colourful fireworks and characters performing!

  1. Decided to return to Agrabah and check out the carousel since it's only a 15 minute wait. Yay!
  2. I loved how Agrabah looked at night. So peaceful. =)
  3. My ride on the carousel. It was half-eagle and half-lion. I forgot what it's called. :\
  4. Finally, on our way to the nearby cheap hotel that I booked for the night. It was half an hour by train. In comparison to the 2 hour train ride it would take from Salmi's house. So the hotel was worth it.
  5. Our Mini toilet. Anyone who is big boned would have trouble. Even I banged the wall a lot while moving around in the toilet. LOL.
  6. Our room. Not bad really. Nice and spacious with free LAN internet, plasma TV, kettle and mini fridge. About RM300++. Which is really cheap for a good Japanese hotel. unlike the rm1,600 Tokyo hotel. Thanks to a guy who recommended it on Yahoo Answer for the question I asked on cheap-near Disneyland-hotels. Thumbs up!

So we tucked in for a good night rest as it was another long day ahead for TOKYO DISNEYLAND yeay!!! Read all bout it in my next post(s)!


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