Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The other day I went to Otto's uncle's house for solat berjemaah. I was greeted with super loud shrieks of "AUNTY WAWAAAAAAA~!!!!"

In the Sarawakian Malay family tree I should actually be called a "wa" like my husband is called "Wa Apis" by them. But since my name is already "Wawa", being called "Wa" would result in my name being called "Wa Wawa". That's way too confusing. So they ended up being told to call me by Aunty instead. Haha. I feel so English.

I have known his nieces since they were wee babies. The two of them are as old as my relationship with my Otto. But I rarely go to their home so I am always surprised by how they would always run to hug me everytime I come. Haha. I feel so old and welcomed at the same time.

Before we returned home, one of them handed me a slip of paper and told me not to show it to the Otto. This is what it said:

I hope they will still remember this when they grow into their rebellious teenage years and won't burn my stuff or something. haha. 

Lots of love for Amira and Alya. :')


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