Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Wedding Invitations

I had it set in mind the moment I had my then boyfriend (now husband) in my life. If we ended up getting married, our wedding invites would be comic book style~ xD

Alhamdulillah, jodoh kesampaian jugak.. :)

My dad really liked the kraft card idea for invites becouse it exude a rustic and eco feel to it. I loved it too, so I thought of having it like a comic book/exercise book look to it. But when I asked the wedding card printing companies about it, wow. Totally blown away by the prices! In a bad way. :( They were likerm2 to rm3 a piece. And they weren't even the design I really liked.

So again, I started my hunt for the kraft paper and yes! Thanks to Otto's cousin who worked at Techno Graphic, he told us there were a bunch in stock and were selling at a mere rm24 for 100 pieces! Joy!!!

Returned to Chu; (who designed my engagement invites too!) and provided her my ideas for the card, Otto's sketch of us for the cover, and handed everything to her! And yes, I have never been disappointed by her work! Brilliant as always! She edits immediately whatever needs to be edited and helps you in every way possible! Highly recommended!

In the process, trusty printer, and That 70's Show playing nonstop to keep me company while printing. :p

Otto's Sketch of us, Chu's awesome comic book design, implememnting all my ideas! :D

More details on the cover and inlay of my card can be seen at her blog HERE!

I had Otto sketch a simple one of us to be used for doorgift and also for a custom stamp for our envelopes, just to jazz up our empty envelopes! Custom stamp was RM23, and envelopes were roughly RM7.50 for 100 pieces. :D

I got the "Handmade from the Heart" stamp from a craft store for about RM12 if I'm not mistaken. :p
Found alphabet stamps that were a mere RM7 for a whole set. Hoyeah! *punches air*

My advise for invites? Survey as many places as you can! It may be cheaper for you to print than to DiY. In my case, I didn't need a lot of invites since Otto and I were having separate receptions (due to our parents' abundant families and friends :D). So I basically just needed invites for my own family and friends which didn't even reach 300 pieces. So yes, in my case, DIY was cheaper since most printing services had a minimum order of 500. Boo. Good luck B2Bs! :)



Lynn Anuar said...

oiiiiii aku mok juak simpan kad kawen kauuuuu kjdghkdjhgdkfjghdksfjghdfgjkh you better have one with my name stamped on it!

p/s: reaaalllyyy cool design btw! omagaddddddd nyaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~


tenkiu,promo & soh mek design...really appreciate it!!

hime s said...

hi, kat mana you tempah custom stamp tu? :)

Najwa H. said...

@hime s
Tempah kat kedai stationary yang buat stamp. Mana-mana kedai stationary pun boleh.

Stuff That You Ought to Know About Too... :p

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