Thursday, November 29, 2012

Malam Berinai

Sorry, not a lot of photos.

Because you know, my hands were kind of busy. XP

I was surrounded by family, close friends, and videographers. LOL.

Even bestie Lynn was there, skype-ing in all the way from Korea. The videographers were so amused by her antics. Dancing the entire Gangnam Style plus singing at the same time! LOL! Such a major entertainment for the night! Love you babe! :')

My henna was a collection that accumulated over a year, where whenever a friend/family is going for Hajj or Umrah, I'd ask them to get me some of Rani tube henna. And lo and behold, I got 6 tubes for my own! I love them because they are bright orange-y red, and not that dark maroon-black type (gothic much? =_=).

The design was simple and done by Kak Mol from Petra Bridal. Never wanted the fussy design. Not me at all. ;p

Pre Henna, Oh the freedom to roam around and touch/slap stuff without staining them!

Post Henna, lovely bright and simple design! Love! :)

B2Bs, have fun on your malam berinai! It's your last night as a single gal! Don't fuss too much over your henna design! Besides, it's not really a  major requirement, it's just a tradition! ;)


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