Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Solemnization Doorgifts

This was a really late minute project. Like, a few days before the actual event.

Mum suddenly said that we had to prepare doorgifts for the grooms' family who will be coming for the solemnization event. I didn't knwo we had to prepare a separate batch of doorgifts! D8

So yes, another DIY project for me. Bought colourful and cute present wrapping papers. Snip, snip them into six pieces per paper, folded them, taped them, printed out some tags using the stamp design for our envvelopes, stick them on with double sided tape, filled them with nice chocolates, got some ribbons that have been lying around the house, stapled them and done! Yay. XD

Future B2Bs! Be always prepared! And most importantly, be creative! ;)


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