Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Of Workouts and Angels

Yes, definitely a weird title for a post.

But, to justify it and actually knock some sense into the title, the other day I was working out in front of the TV while watching Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show (seriously, there was nothing else on TV! Damn.) I don't know whether to say doing so is a good idea or a bad idea. Let's narrow down the reasons shall we?

Why Working Out While Watching Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show is a Good Idea:
  • Motivates the hell out of you to achieve something that would actually resemble them
  • The awesome songlist for the show that accompanies your workout
  • Checking out the super awesome and cute lingerie and trying to figure out if Wisma Satok has any dupes for them
  • Getting inspiration for makeup and Halloween costumes (not that I celebrate Halloween)
  • Maroon 5's performance of "Moves Like Jagger" (ADAM LEVINE. ADAM LEVINE. ADAM LEVINE.)

Why Working Out While Watching Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show is a Bad Idea:
  • Demotivated with a realization that you'll never have the perfect abs and limbs as the Angels do.
  • You will constantly be shouting out "DAFUQ ARE THOSE ABS? DAFUQ ARE THOSE BOOBS? DAFUQ IS THAT???"
  • The slow motion shots of the angels will make you cringe at their perfectness. Damn.
  • Complaints on unfairness in life will be constantly muttered.

Okay, it's a good thing the Good List outweighs the Bad. Ha. Ha. Ha. I actually did a mixture of both lists really. LOL.

My favourite Angel has always been Orlando Bloom's wifey; Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr wearing the $2.5 million diamond encrusted bra.

I think my favourite thing while watching her strut her stuff down the runway was watching Orlando Bloom taking pictures of her. Haha. Y U TWO SO CUTEEEEEE???!!!!

I totally love her in this outfit setup though:

The BOLERO IS SO PWETTYYYYYY~!!! BTW, was I the only one who got the Pirates of The Caribbean vibe from it? LOLOL.

And I totally LOVE Adriana Lima's dark gothic outfit setup here:

Gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssss!!!! And the lingerie is kinda hot too!!!! XD

But there was one particular aspect of the 2011 show that I really loved:



I am motivated to lose weight just for the fact that I want to fit into superhero outfits like these and try to look at least half as good. I am such a nerd. XD



eVa said...

mek suka ngga kaki nya lokkk.. pjgg.. ingin mok da kaki kedak nya hehe

Mishter Izwän said...

huhhh, sexy nye, nsib bek iman tebal . hehehe

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CHU MAJORFLAVA said... gya..mun kita k baju gya k 1st nyte gney nak ka..

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