Friday, December 16, 2011

My Cat is Unwell =(

My cat, Thamby is unwell. It all started two days ago when my mum suddenly knocked on my door and asked me to tag along to bring him to the vet. Apparently he's been smelling REALLY bad, and he doesn't eat much.

So we brought him to the vet that we always go to since he has his own medical records there since he was a teeny kitten. Yes, he's nearly 9 years old now, even the nurses at the vet are surprised to hear he's still alive and kickin'.

So we took him in. And I could tell he was really scared. We assumed he had a fever so the nurse inserted a thermometer up his butthole to check. I was holding on to his front paws the entire time and oh my god, he was shivering so much I cried holding on to him. (TT__TT)

Thankfully, it was no fever. The doctor came in to check and apparently the bad smell was from his mouth since he is suffering from gum problems. So we had his mouth cleaned with antiseptic and oral aid. The next thing we found out that Thamby is dehydrated. So he needs to come in for a few days for IV drips and vitamin/protein/antibiotics injections.

I held him tight when the needle was inserted for the IV drip, and he was shivering the entire time I couldn't help sniffing my tears. And then the doctor told us he has kidney problems and a possibility of Glaucoma. Seriously??? (TT____________TT)

Thamby is a really special cat. He's like part of the family. He's the only cat who sits at the table with us for dinner. As in sit on his own seat. He has been through thick and thin with us. In fact, he's like a brother in some ways. I have posted so many stiff about him in my blog that he has his own label. Read more on Thamby HERE.

Since the treatment, he has been resting and sleeping in front of my room. So now I bring him in to sleep with me. He likes to snuggle up to me on the bed, maybe he likes the body heat? But it does make me sad to know that he is not as well as he used to be. I really hope he gets to live a long life with us. Maybe until my kids can play with him? :')


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