Thursday, December 15, 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Hot Soba Dinner!

 Okay. Funny story here.  I had told Salmi I had cravings for authentic hot Japanese Soba and yeayyy!!! There's a soba shop not far from her home! Totally walking distance. But erm, decided to shorten the distance by riding bikes. We borrowed a bike from her friend and I rode Salmi's bike. 

The funny stuff starts here. The last time I rode a bike was erm, 10 years ago? So basically, it was like learning to ride all over again. AND HOLY CRAP I WAS SO BAD AT IT. Like seriously, I couldn't ride a bike for more than 2 meters without falling off. Everytime I saw a car I basically swiveled to the side and bang into the wall.

IT WAS THAT BAD. I wish I had someone recording, it's effing hilarious. Hahahahaha!!! We were nonstop laughing all the way. And I guess it took twice as long than walking! LOL!!!
That's me on Salmi's bike with my "WTF" look.

Even the suburban soba shops are so techy and gadget-wise. You have to pay your soba through a machine! Just like buying coke or 100plus, pick which soba you want, insert money, ticket comes out and give it to the cook! Whee!
Drinks are free! Well, the water and green tea is. Beer etc are not free duh. Green tea is free everywhere in Japan really. You'll never be thirsty!

And lo and behold, my yasai tempura soba!!! Yummeh to the max!!!
 ME GUSTA. (Me likey!)



mr_abs said...

itadakimas. watashiwa kawaiee :p

WaWa said...

aok ko, kitak nang kawaiiieee~ hahahaha.

Sal D. Miza said...

hahahahahahh part mbak basikal ya nang EPIC!

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