Monday, December 19, 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Kaiten Sushi!

Yes, a must-do in my trip list. EAT AUTHENTIC CHEAP KAITEN SUSHI!

Kaiten Sushi by the way means sushi on a conveyor belt. You know, like the ones at sushi king that goes rund and round and round. 

A good thing everything is nearby, so we just basically walked to the place for dinner! I love the cold weather! So refreshing! I was actually sick during the trip but it'll always get better the moment I step out of the house. Haha, I guess I'm not one to be stuck indoors. =p

And yes, the tea again, is free! OH THE FISH IS SO BIG, YUMMY AND FRESH. I swear, after eating at authentic Kaiten Sushis, I'm already spoiled for the local Sushi King kaitens. They're just so different! =(

Plus, so cheap if you are on a budget! 105yen per plate. And due to the amount of the fish meat, you'll be full by your 5th or 6th plate and also from downing all the free green tea! =p


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