Thursday, December 1, 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Tokyo Disney Sea (Pt.2)

Again like I said. I have wayyy to many awesome photographs that I can NOT ignore for my blogposts. Darn it. Again, all photos can be enlarged for a clearer/awesome view. XD

  1. Mermaid Lagoon. Ariel should be somewhere around here but I'm more interested in Prince Eric. Fufufufufufufu~
  2. A statue of their 10th Anniversary celebration. There's one in each park section actually.
  3. Posing with the weird fish that looks like it's blowing a trumpet for our arrival. Why do I look like I'm trying to hold myself from peeing? wtf.
  4. Inside Mermaid Lagoon. Quite dark really. Underwater feel. Check out the bouncing Jelly fishes. LOL.
  5. Ariel's dad, King Triton at the entrance. Really nice sculpture actually. 
  6. Reason why we didn't explore Mermaid Lagoon that much was because it was uber crowded and we were more interested in going to the Arabian Coast. Ngaha.

  1. The janitors are really friendly, hardworking and polite, and will always stop their work to help to take a photo of you. Super nice! BTW, Tokyo Disney is famous for the variety of popcorn and popcorn buckets you can get. For Agrabah, it was Curry Popcorn. And it smelled darn good! T__T
  2. Agrabah. Where's hot Alladin? Darnit.
  3. Another photo by a friendly janitor. She said we looked cute because we represent both Mickey and Minnie. LOL.
  4. Darn you Japanese marketing scheme. Making expensive ice cream so adorable with a cute packaging that I can keep even after eating. Darn me for falling for it anyway. 
  5. Sea Salt Vanilla ice cream. IT IS SO YUMMEH. LIKE SERIOUSLY. I wonder if I'd get the same taste if I put some salty in the local vanilla ice cream? :\
  6. And guess who suddenly showed up dancing a storm while were sitting on the floor devouring our ice cream? LOL.
  1. Selling pots and pans because I'm broke. LOL.
  2. Another branch of pots and pans shop.
  3. This was taken by a restaurant waitress. Yes, there's and Arabian restaurant in Agrabah Street. Y SO AWESOME.
  4. This Churros stall was highly recommended by Disney Sea goers. And the line proved it to be right. The smell of cinnamon was super strong btw.
  5. So happy with my churros! It is Mickey Mouse shaped btw. I had devoured mine before I realized it. Every bite you get a Mickey shape. LOL. And that's a Tinkerbell tea btw. 
  6. Guess who was walking around while we were munching? Arabic Daisy Duck!

  1. With Jasmin's Tiger who I loveeeeeee!!!! He's so FLUFFEHHH~
  2. Taken by another friendly Janitor. Arigatou!
  3. Another 10th Anniversary statue!
  4. Port Discovery, super crowded. We weren't sure why though. Haha.
  5. Lost River Delta. This was taken by the ride assistant. Love!
  6. Do I look like I'm from somewhere that is NOT Disneyland? Hehe.

 Tokyo Disney Sea Final Part Next! 


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