Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Japan Trip 2011 - Tokyo Disney Sea (Pt.1)

We were super excited because it was a first for both of us. I have only been to Euro Disneyland and that was when I was 4 years old. So I barely remember anything. And I have heard so much rave about Tokyo's Disneyland parks so I Googled a lot and gained lots of tips from those who have been to both parks.

So Tokyo Disney Sea was the park we chose to go to on the first day because it was smaller than Tokyo Disneyland. And btw, there is only ONE Disney Sea in the whole wide world. So I was definitely splurging for a two-day pass ticket. 8D

All photos can be enlarged btw. =)

  1. At the Disney Train Station!
  3. OOH MICKEY MOUSE HANDLES! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Everything was exactly like I read in peoples' blogs on Tokyo Disney! 8'D
  4. Tokyo Disney Hotel. 40,000 yen per freaking night. Which is RM1,600. That's nearly one month salary. WTF. I DID NOT STAY THERE OF COURSE.
  5. Our tickets!!! And English Guide Map FTW!
  6. Guess which character we first saw upon entering? =>

  1. Pretty setup here! It's Disney Sea's 10th year Anniversary. Omedetou gozaimasu! (Congratulations!)
  2. Camho spot. This is the Mediterranean Harbour btw.
  3. The gift shop. Went crazeh. A lot of Christmas themed stuff though. I wasn't sure if cameras were allowed but Salmi said if they say it's prohibited, just babble that you don't speak Japanese and start speaking in Malay. LOL.
  4. Trying out the Mickey Mouse Fantasia hat. Salmi bought this. And I bought Minnie Mouse ears. We're a couple now. LOL.
  5. Damn expensive cauliflower soup.  paid RM30 for soup and coke. BUT OMG IT WAS SO YUMMEHHHH~ 
  6. Notice the toasted bread is shaped like Mickey Mouse's Fantasia Hat with his ears? LOVE LOVE LOVE. All the food are Mickey Mouse themed.

  1. Mysterious Island section. Lots of nice rides with 2-hour long waiting queues. No way we're wasting our time for 2 hours. (=_=)
  2. HERCULES!!! Salmi was totally head over heels for him despite his weird bouffant hairstyle. LOL.
  3. Bought my Minnie Mouse Ears!
  4. Minnie and Mickey together on a date! 8D
  5. This is the erm. Medieval Section
  6. Wanted to take a photo of the volcano blowing up, but totally missed the moment and ended up with the fumes after. Haha.
Part 2 is Next!

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