Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Working it Out

Okay, so late last year I went on a fitness craze and went to the gym every single day (except Friday coz dad's complaining of going home late everyday, haha) because the Unimas gym has an aerobic sesion and each day it's a different workout. Monday it's the gym ball, Tuesday it's dumbbells, Wednesday it's the step, and Thursday it's the mat. 8D

It was tough at first, since the last time I worked out was God-knows-when. And I loved it! i became better at the steps each week and it helped me shed of weight fast. I lost about 6 kilos in a month! 8D *ish proud*

But then the inevitable happens. Apparently the gym instructor's mom fell ill so she was unable to organize the aerobic session as usual. I do NOT like going to the gym for the machines. I get bored easily so I really despise single track workouts. Week by week I felt my muscles soften (it was really hard after all the aerobics, me likey! XD) so I started searching for a good aerobic workout disc to do on my own at home.

There were so many choices that I couldn't decide which would be good. But upon watching one of my favourite Japanese TV variety show (Himitsu no Arashichan, forgot which episode XD) the guest was a female actor who's a really exercise junkie. She was even told by the doctor to TONE IT DOWN. AND SHE'S STICK-THIN TOO LIKE WTF. Apparently she's gotten into doing the Tracy Anderson Method.

Isn't she gorgeous??? 8D

Tracy Anderson has trained Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. And heck, we know how Madonna's body is! I Googled her vid and tried it out and like WHOA. 5 minutes and I'm already sweating like mad. Definitely not for beginners. And you also will need a big space to do her steps. Her dance cardio is FAST AND LOTS OF BOUNCING AROUND. Please wear proper shoes, such as those with shock absorbers.

Curse her perfect figure. *curses*

I'll try to keep up with this consistently and see how it goes. Words of encouragement would be nice. XD



lynnanuar said...

wawaaaaa ku cayaaaannnggggg 6 kg???? that's a lotttt keep on working it girlllll GOOOOOOOOOOO :D

WaWa said...

Yes! I shall try to be consistent! Ganbarimasu!!!! 8D

s_lm_ dh_rm_z_ said...

keep it up!!!! im so proud of you xD ganbatte~~~~ *pompom dr jaoh

WaWa said...

@s_lm_ dh_rm_z_
Ganbarimasuuuu!!! 8D

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